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Professional Record 9-0 (7)

Professional Record 9-0 (7)

Steven Nelson ARMY veteran and Omaha, Nebraska native started his boxing career in January of 2010 searching for a new hobby and workout regimen. Shortly after beginning he realized he was a natural and decided he wanted to compete and tried out for the ARMY WCAP (World Class Athlete Program). The WCAP program allows elite Soldier/Athletes to train and compete at their sport on the National and International level with the goal of making the US.

He quickly rose to the occasion qualifying for the ARMY WCAP program by winning the 2012 All Army Championship and the 2012 Armed Forces Championship. After qualifying for the program he went on to win a silver medal at the largest national tournament in the US and earned a spot as the 2012 Olympic Games alternate. Since his quick rise to the top of the amateur ranks he has only continued to add to his impressive resume while making team USA and becoming the #1 light heavyweight in the USA anda highly sought after future.

In 2013 AIBA (Amateur International Boxing Association) changed the rules for amateur boxing worldwide. The new rules stated that amateur athletes will box without headgear leading up to the 2016 Olympics. The Army WCAP did not agree with the new rule change and would not allow it's athletes to participate in these tournaments, which are tournaments that are required in order to make the 2016 Olympics. This caused a big dilemma because Steven Nelson had to chose his Olympic dream over his Army career and he chose to depart the Army WCAP program in November of 2014. Less than 1 weeklater Nelson competed and won the 2015 US National Team Trials, a very important tournament that gave him international experience continuously throughout 2015 as he competed in 4 major international tournaments.

Mr. Nelson continues to give back to his hometown by volunteering with the inner city youth mentoring, public speaking and teaching boxing and fitness classes. His star continued to grow and shine as he lead by example inspiring many as he prepared for the 2016 Olympic Games. Unfortunately he was not favored in the Olympic trials and lost, very controversial split decisions. Now, Steven is in search to continue his road to greatness by taking his talents to theprofessional ranks. Some of his talents outside of boxing include artistry (specializing in acrylic portraits), cutting hair, tattoo artist, mechanic, carpentry, and also satellite and electrical 2011 National Title

Tournament Champion

2012, 2013, 2014 All Army Champion

2012 USA National Championship Silver Medalist

2012 Olympic Alternate/Training Partner

2012 USA National P.A.L. Silver Medalist

2013 National Golden Gloves Champion

2013 World Golden Gloves Silver Medalist

2015 US National Team Trials Champion/ Team USA member

Qualified and participated in the 2015 Pan American Games by placing 3rd in the 2015 WSB

Placed 5th at the 2015 Americas Continental Championships which qualified him as a

participant of the 2015 World Championship

Number 1 seat at the 2015 Olympic Trials