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B&B Promotions is the Promotional Company of World Champion Terence Bud Crawford and Trainer Brian McIntyre (Bomac)


By Bill Green


The next upcoming months will be plenty chaotic for most, but for B&B Boxing Promotions, founded by Terence “Bud” Crawford and Brian “BoMac” McIntyre, they wouldn’t have it any other way. As BoMac stated, “This is all we know, this is our job, but it so happens to be a job that we love. Boxing is a part of us.”

“Camp with the Champ” started yesterday up in the all too familiar thin air and high altitude, Colorado Springs, CO. Although, Terence ‘Bud” Crawford 30-0 (21) stays in shape all year long, Team Crawford will spend the next 5 weeks fine tuning their craft in yet another title defense. On paper, several boxing experts have labeled upcoming challenger, Felix Diaz 19-1 (9) as a true test for Crawford. Twitter boxing fans posts consisted of “easily one of his toughest opponents, a former Olympian, confident and gave former two-division champion, Lamont Peterson all he could handle.”

Crawford vs Diaz (Top Rank/Mikey Williams)

Crawford vs Diaz (Top Rank/Mikey Williams)

The 12 rd. Super-Lightweight Title bout between Crawford and Diaz will take place on May 20th, 2017 and to make the stakes even higher…the much-anticipated bout will take place inside the Mecca of boxing, Madison Square Garden. The card will be televised by HBO and promoted by Top Rank Promotions. Set to appear on the undercard is fellow Omaha and B&B knockout artist, Steven “So Cold” Nelson 6-0 (5). Former Team USA Olympian and amateur sensation, Shakur Stevenson, completes the stacked and must see card.

Steven "So Cold" Nelson (Top Rank/Mikey Williams)

Steven "So Cold" Nelson (Top Rank/Mikey Williams)

As the world waits for Crawford, two other B&B boxing stablemates plan to get in on the action, as both Treven “Top-Flight” Coleman 5-0 (3) and Kevin Ventura 5-0 (4) will return to the ring on an upcoming April 29th SCLS Denver Colorado boxing event. Opponents for both Coleman and Ventura are still being finalized but when you train and spar with the “Champ” you are ready for all-comers.

The summer boxing hits keep on rolling for B&B as the big one is planned for July 1st and as they say in the movies…. there’s no place like home. B&B returns to Omaha as a promised loaded Pro and Amateur card will fill the Ralston Arena.

The card will feature a Title defense for Guy Smith Jr 7-2-1 (3), regional titles opportunities for Abel Soriano, Kevin Ventura, Treven Coleman and Steven Nelson. The amateur portion will consist of several top Midwest talents as well.

The undercards are no baby-boomer fireworks, as already in the works is an exciting title fight between Grand Island’s, Mexican power puncher, Oliver Rivera 1-0 (1) and Omaha’s own Nate “S.O.B” Denton 3-0 (3), both have verbally agreed to square off in a 170lb contest.  We also mentioned the big one as evident, to Grover Wiley’s surging amateur and lethal southpaw punching heavyweight, Chad Jones, in making his professional debut to round out the explosive boxing fireworks display.

Oliver Rivera

Oliver Rivera

Nate "S.O.B." Denton

Nate "S.O.B." Denton

Ticket Info and Upcoming Announcements will be released soon via our Facebook Page.

This summer kick back and watch B&B light the fuse and make sure your Independence weekend… packs plenty of punch. 


By Bill Green

One would think that going 6-0 with 5 knockouts to start your career should be sufficient or even thrilling to most…. however not when you have goals to crush, money to be earned and more importantly a legacy to cement. For Steven “So Cold” Nelson, of Omaha, growing up was always a challenge, moving from home to home, unsure of the next step. While enlisting in the Military provided structure, discipline and honor, something always felt incomplete. He wanted to be known and looked upon as a champion. While some of those early goals were in fact accomplished, including winning several big amateur tournaments, the feelings and cravings weighed heavenly on his mind. 

Those feelings and cravings are none other than to become and known as a champion.

Becoming a world champion may be a lofty goal for most, but anyone that knows the multi-talented Nelson, know that anything is possible for this young man.

On top of being a prize fighter, he excels in painting, custom art, tattoos, and shoe designs.

Heck, he even designs his own trunks and ring walk costumes, which have led to his trademark catch phrase “What will he wear tho”. 

I caught up with So Cold, fresh off yet another workout.

BG: Hello bud, how are things? Still on the grind, I’m assuming?

So Cold: Hey, BG, what’s up? Yes, you know me, always training…always staying ready.

BG: BoMac tells me that some things may open up for you in March?

So Cold: Yes, we are talking about a plan, where I could get some fights in Mexico, since I’m out here in San Diego. It’s real close to the border. I mean a lot of guys that started out where I’m at have fought there. They are tough too, no playing over there. Just the way I like it lol

BG: Heck, even in the movie Creed, they make reference to how his first fights were over there even. That’s a brilliant plan, maybe B&B stablemate Abel Soriano 4-0 could get in on some of that action?

So Cold: Abel, yes most definitely. Plenty of smaller guys over there and we could train together too.

BG: All right, let’s talk about the National scene, you made quite the impression with social media folks with the huge ko win over Diaz, followed it up with several sensational stoppages on the way to becoming 6-0 with 5 knockouts. What do you feel like you have to do, to convince the major promoters out there to sign you?

So Cold: I need to stay active, stay on their radar. I’m working on plenty of marketing on both my own and have some key sponsors already in place as well.

BG: We both know that there are levels to this sport, and the major matchmakers, like Top Rank, want to see more of you, basically test you. At times, does it appear as if they are hoping you fail or stumble?

So Cold: Yes, it does feel that way. Tough to read if they want to build me up or use me to help build someone else up. But you know what, it’s not disrespectful. I have a team and that’s what part of their job is to do…make sure that I’m knowledgeable to the situation.

BG: My guess, is that you are used to that type of stuff from your elite amateur days?

So Cold: Yes, sir. I mean they have their favorites heading in, but guess what? My job is to ruin their plan, so I have to remove their first choice, basically take over that top spot.  

BG: So at some point, you will want to beat someone they are high on?

So Cold: Exactly. Upset their bracket lol

BG: Omaha fighters are old school, never call anyone particular out? But if you were willing to, any names?

So Cold: Nah, man, you are right, we are just willing to fight until that final bell. I will say this…I will fight anyone from 5ft to 7ft and anybody from 168 to 180 lol.

BG: The good news is Terence Crawford has an anticipated fight date. Earlier this week Bob Arum stated that the working date is May 20. My guess is we can all but guarantee that you and possibly Kevin Ventura may land on that card?

So Cold: Yes, nothing is 100%, but TC always takes care of us. He is one of the most loyal fighters in the sport. I was able to fight twice on his card in 2016 and it was a true blessing.

BG: Well, I just wanted to congratulate you on the big 2016. I can’t wait to see what is next, nor can your enormous legion of fans. Before I let you go, anything you would like to tell them?

So Cold: Thank you BG, everyone is talking about my 2016. That obviously brings a smile to my face but I’m a perfectionist. I think it was average. I want more. I’m my worst critic. I’m hungry for more and won’t stop until I get it. 2016 was just a glimpse…. the best is yet to come.


CRAWFORD “Don’t Blink”

By Bill Green

All Photo Credits to Mikey Williams ( @4mikeywilliams )/Top Rank

All Photo Credits to Mikey Williams (@4mikeywilliams)/Top Rank

The old cliché goes stay ready at all times, the phone will ring, and it will be time to work. That cliché definitely remains true as HBO received bad news time after time. First powerhouse and cash cow Canelo Alvarez, would suffer in injury in his last bout, forcing him to withdraw from the Dec 10 scheduled date. Next, negotiations failed for GGG vs Daniel Jacobs, pushing that highly anticipated Middleweight clash to presumably, March 2017. So that brings us to Crawford vs Molina. On nearly just 6 weeks to prepare, opponents were sought, all the while, Crawford has made it very clear to all “I want all the belts, to unify, to clear out the division, whoever has a belt I want them.”

Easier said than done, for Top Rank matchmaker’s and HBO executives, as opponent after opponent pulled the normal, asked for crazy amounts of purse compensation, declined when found out the fight would take place in Omaha, or simply despite the above mentioned cliché, frankly weren’t ready for a fight of that magnitude. All promoter’s need an ace up their sleeve, and Hall of Famer, Bob Arum, decided to use it. That ace happened to be a call to Al Hayman, yes the same Al Hayman, that both Top Rank and PBC once had a multi-million-dollar lawsuit against. However, cooler heads prevailed of late and plenty of key matchups and money can/will be made. The call consisted of inquiring about Hayman’s roster, asking who could/would be ready for Crawford on short notice. Just like Crawford, Molina lives by the code, stay ready and good things will happen. Sam Watson, Hayman’s right hand man, hopped on a plane and next thing you know the boxing world was amped for not only Crawford vs Molina, but the big picture…. Top Rank, PBC and HBO doing business together.

Great fights are not based on records; instead great fights are made when both fighters have everything to gain.

For Crawford, a win over a top ten rated contender such as Molina, especially in exciting style, could catapult him to the eventual Pacquiao showdown. After a near flawless and as Bob Arum stated “a beautiful jazz-like performance” over former undefeated #1 rated Super Lightweight champ, Viktor “Iceman” Postol, Crawford 29-0 (20) still wasn’t satisfied. He has stated to many that he could’ve and should’ve “put him away”.

Molina 29-6 (23), fresh off upsetting Ruslan Provodnikov, didn’t have to take this fight, but knows a win over Crawford, would make him an instant target by others, especially in the money department…. not to mention how much an immediate rematch could be worth.

Crawford may be a smaller in stature Super-Lightweight compared to the nearly 6 ft. Molina, but make no mistake, he enjoys being the bigger man/puncher when the bell rings. Molina believes in his power, let’s not forgot that one punch that ended Mickey Bey’s night, after trailing on the scorecards for 11 rds.

At this stage, all fights matter and all title defenses are dangerous. The old cliché goes, you don’t play boxing and I’m willing to bet that both Crawford and Molina definitely won’t be playing tag in there lol

Just a mere 6 days before the bell rings, I caught up with Crawford.

BG: How was camp? I know that you have been doing this awhile now, especially in Colorado Springs. How do you stay motivated, how do you avoid the redundancy?

CRAWFORD: Camp was intense and grueling, we anticipated that we may fight before the end of the year. Every fight is a new challenge. I mean it has to be, you have new opponents, new styles. My team mixes things up all the time, you can never stop learning or sharpening your craft.

BG: We know you train hard for every opponent, but each challenger clearly wants what you have. On paper most see this as a mismatch, but would you agree that the quiet fighters and fights with less theatrics are the most dangerous?

CRAWFORD: I do agree; we were just talking about that. There has been zero trash talk for this fight, all respect. I met John few years back at an event, always new our paths may cross. He’s dangerous, he comes from what we call good people. He always comes to fight, never stops punching.

BG: Certain champions struggle to stay on top, they tend to cut corners, become relaxed, made their money in the sport and stop investing in their craft so to speak. How do you stay disciplined? Will we ever see you unmotivated in the sport why or why not?

CRAWFORD: Again, different challenge, they are all threats. They want what I have, my job is to make sure that I protect it. He’s a solid and seasoned guy, worked his way to the top, nobody gave him anything, he earned it, that’s how I felt 90% of my career. He’s getting another crack, could be his last, I’m sure he won’t lay down, he’s coming to fight. Once you or your team stop paying attention to the little things, that’s when things go south. No, you will never ever see me underestimate anyone, because where I’m from, my struggles, you never forget. We stay grounded by living in the same area, same city, a reminder to not only me but those less fortunate that something good can come from North Omaha. How can I be undisciplined when I’m in the gym everyday trying to motivate the kids and other fighters? I want to be a person they look up to, that’s my job. 

BG: Molina is nearly 6 ft. tall and under his new trainer, is using his jab as a major weapon. Most believe that he will come straight at you hoping to land a Sunday punch. Would you be surprised if he tries to outbox you and if so, are you prepared to be the aggressor in this bout?

CRAWFORD: No, not at all. We watched his fight with Provodnikov, his new trainer is making adjustments, fighting tall and his confidence is high right now. He is seasoned, he has seen a lot of styles, so just like our team they are going to plan a way for him to be successful. We train for everything; I’m going to be me. Whatever job is necessary to win, that’s what I’m willing and going to do on the 10th.

BG: Most fans don't understand the mental pressure of not only fighting at home, but to not just win, but be impressive each and every time that bell rings. Do you believe that you can silence those critics if you don't KO Molina on Dec 10?

CRAWFORD: No, critics will be there win, lose or draw. I have zero pressure from the press. Everyone keeps saying I need this or that to get Pacquiao….no I need to be me. That is what got me here. What’s important is winning, providing opportunities for my city and to put food on the table for my family. Knockouts come from being focused, capitalizing on your opponent’s mistakes, not by being careless and pleasing others.

BG: Upsets happen in boxing, especially in a fighter’s home town. Why won't we see an upset next Saturday night?

CRAWFORD: Because, we work. We put the time in not just in camp, but each and every day. We live boxing, this is part of our life. Just like anything else in life, you have to be dedicated, make sacrifices and remain focused. We respect him, but once that bell rings, he’s facing not just me, but Omaha, all our struggles. I promise you one thing…that place is going to be lit.

BG: What can fight fans expect on Saturday night?

CRAWFORD: I’m excited to be defending the belts again in the city that built and supported me. I’m excited for Keven Ventura and Steven Nelson to fight on the same card as me. Happy for them and like what they have been writing in the media, they will start the night off and I will finish it…. don’t blink.



By Bill Green

While trash talk has always been a promoter’s best friend, sometimes things are said that become personal. Most recently, I did an interview with Nelson’s opponent, Chris Harris, of Wichita, KA. His interview described everything I already knew about him, no nonsense, tough, fearless, and confident in his abilities. What I didn’t know is how his opponent, Omaha and B&B’s own, Steven “So Cold” Nelson, would react to Mr. Harris’s comments. Every promoter/manager looks for a way to motivate their fighter. Fight fans I think we found that motivation.

Just over a week away, Steven “So Cold” Nelson, of Omaha, NE, will face fellow Midwest Light-Heavyweight, Chris Harris, of Wichita, KA, in what was already drawn up on paper as a very explosive fight. The closer we get I’m finding out that the fight better arrive sooner because it’s reached its boiling point.

I caught up with Nelson, fresh off another, grueling and intense workout:

BG: Hello Steve, how was camp?

Nelson: Unreal, you know, trained in Cali and been in Springs with the boys for a few weeks now. The whole team was here, felt like old times, felt like family.

BG: How does it feel to not only fight in your hometown but fulfil one of your childhood dreams to fight on the same card as your best friend, Terence Crawford.

Nelson: It means everything to me, makes me fill like the patience, hard work and sacrifices are finally paying off. I’m honestly at ease, not nervous, just straight up amped lol

BG: You will be facing a tough, durable, never been hurt type of fighter in Harris. What else do you know about your opponent?

Nelson: Yes, I hear he’s tough, he’s supposed to be, we are fighting on Top Rank TV. I feel like it doesn’t matter what I need to know about him, all fights are dangerous, he’s another man trying to stop me from reaching my goals. We train for every fight like it’s our last. I’ve studied this game for a long time now, history shows us, never underestimate your opponent.

BG: He is known to have a great chin, took Tommy Morrison’s con, Kenzie Morrison’s best shots and smiled, kept coming. That fight was at Heavyweight even. Any concerns about his power?

Nelson: The last guy I fought (Diaz) was 5-0 (5), I was told the same thing, he’s strong, unbelievable power, never been down and you all saw what happened to him. What people don’t understand is if you just have strength it doesn’t necessarily mean you have power. Of course Heavyweights have big impact on their punches they weigh over 200lbs. But in my opinion, speed plus power has way more of an impact.

BG: So, are you saying that you could be the first man to hurt Harris?

Nelson: Yes, he hasn’t been hit by someone like me that can catch him clean before he normally braces for the punch. I plan on definitely finding out especially early and often to see if his chin is as good as advertised. If he takes my shots, then my hat’s off to him, but I believe in myself and doubt he will take them.

BG: You’re a bit more animated than normal, my guess is you read my article on Harris. We told the viewers that your response would be next. What was your take on it?

Nelson: Yea, I did read it. First of all, if he thinks that he’s going to test my heart and that’s his only strategy than he’s in more trouble than I originally thought. My heart has been tested my whole life, 16 different homes, growing up in the rough/poor neighborhoods, bouncing from place to place, constantly being told by all that I wouldn’t matter, that I was a problem. Then, joining the military, where I just didn’t play army, I did a tour in Afghanistan. I feel like my life has been one giant test, time after time, day after day.  

BG: So if I’m hearing you right, you are saying you will pass his heart test?

Nelson: My heart is so battle tested that I not only passed…I aced it. This dude is going to flunk his own test. We are going to pick up where we left off in Vegas, the question is for him is…how bad does he want to gamble?

In closing all this talk about a test, I do have one question that I believe should be on it…. What will he wear tho?????????

Nelson vs Harris may steal the show, grab your popcorn folks because the action is about to start.

Next Saturday night, December, 10, 2016, tune in on www.toprank.tv or see it live and in person at the Century Link Center, Downtown, Omaha, NE

For tickets click HERE!

See you ringside




By Bill Green

Fresh off a YouTube and explosive knockout in Las Vegas, one would think matching Steven “So Cold” Nelson 4-0 (4), would be next to impossible, especially with the bout taking place in Nelson’s hometown, Omaha, NE.

True to form, plenty passed on the opportunity, but one man didn’t. That man is Chris Harris, of Wichita, KA. Harris on paper looks as if he’s just another carefully hand-picked opponent for Nelson, but that is the furthest from the truth.

He is a 26-year-old man that excels in MMA and picked up the sport of boxing because frankly his coaches said he will excel there as well.

So why the 2-1-2 (2) record than? Look deeper into those fights. Harris turned pro at Cruiser-weight in 2014 with a quick ko over Jesse Smith, in both their hometowns, Wichita, KA. In 2015, he would blow out Chris Henning, of Topeka, KA, again in Wichita, KA.

A big fight was presented to him, this time to fight in the Heavyweight division, against Tommy Morrison’s son, Kenzie Morrison 5-0 at the time, in Joplin, Missouri. Just like the fight scheduled with Nelson, Harris accepted the challenge in a heartbeat. Harris would earn a draw with Morrison and most insiders have told me that he in fact was robbed of a unanimous decision. Regardless, of the outcome, Morrison can crack and Harris took the shots well and kept coming.

Just 3 months later, Harris took on another tough customer in Kansas City’s, Lorenzo Selectmon 5-1 at the time with 5 ko’s.  A familiar pattern was established, Harris nearly upset Selectmon, instead earning another draw for his efforts.

Word got around the circuit very quickly, as the rumors spread that not only was Harris tough but that he will fight anybody as well.

The phone rang and another offer was sent his way, this time being on the undercard of top Welterweight contender, Errol Spence’s New York and NBC bout vs Leonard Bundu. The assignment this time was former New York amateur standout, Joseph Williams 9-0 with 7 ko’s. Williams was an Olympic alternate for Team USA back in 2011. His amateur accomplishments would most likely give this writer plenty of carpal tunnel.

Harris would lose his first official contest by unanimous decision. However, Williams and the entire crowd was clearly impressed by his performance.

So that sets us up with Steven “So Cold” Nelson 4-0 (4) vs Chris Harris 2-1-2 (2) on December 10th, 2016 Live on www.toprank.tv

I caught up with Harris just 10 days away from his bout with Nelson


BG: Hello, Omaha and B&B thank you for being such a pro, accepting this challenge with Nelson. Tell us what you know about your opponent?

Harris: I hear he’s tough but that he’s smaller than me, fights in 170’s. I really don’t get caught up in all that. I train for war.

BG: What is Chris Harris known for, why do you feel like so much respect has been given to you?

Harris: I give the fans my best each and every time out there, I take risks, I never give up and I work extremely hard, making sure my body goes through hell in camp so that the fight is the easy part.

BG: Every fighter has that one punch in their arsenal that they believe if it lands. it’s over. What is Chris Harris’s signature?

Harris: Tough one, my coach believes that I hit equally hard during mits, so I guess that you can say that I have power in both hands.

BG: Fight fans look forward to a great Nebraska vs Kansas matchup on next Saturday night. How do you plan on being victorious on Dec 10th?

Harris: Like you said, I’ve always been the underdog, people always underestimate me, I will give it my all as always. Come to think about it. I will promise you this, I will test his heart in that ring…that’s what I’m known for and that’s what I will do.


Look for Omaha and B&B’s own, Steven So Cold Nelson, coming soon……



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Great fights are not based on records; instead great fights are made when both fighters have everything to gain.

For Crawford, a win over a top ten rated contender such as Molina, especially in exciting style, could catapult him to the eventual Pacquiao showdown.  After a near flawless and as Bob Arum stated “a beautiful jazz-like performance” over former undefeated #1 rated Super Lightweight champ, Viktor “Iceman” Postol, Crawford still wasn’t satisfied. He has stated to many that he could’ve and should’ve “put him away”.

Molina, fresh off upsetting Ruslan Provodnikov, didn’t have to take this fight, but knows a win over Crawford, would make him an instant target by others, especially in the money department…. not to mention how much an immediate rematch could be worth.

Crawford may be a smaller in stature Super-Lightweight compared to the nearly 6 ft. Molina, but make no mistake, he enjoys being the bigger man/puncher when the bell rings. Molina believes in his power, let’s not forgot that one punch that ended Mickey Bey’s night, after trailing on the scorecards for 11 rds.

At this stage, all fights matter and all title defenses are dangerous. The old cliché goes, you don’t play boxing and I’m willing to bet that both Crawford and Molina definitely won’t be playing tag in there lol

While the matchup has a real Rocky theme to it, Molina all-heart determination vs Crawford’s unreal talent/skill level it appears to be missing something.

That something is right in front of us if we just look hard enough and pay attention to the big picture. That big picture reads Top Rank Promotions is doing business with Premier Boxing Champions. The door is open and since this is the time of the year to give thanks than…. thank you to Al Hayman and Bob Arum for giving fans an assortment of gifts heading into the New Year. One can only imagine a future fight between Crawford and Garcia










Nelson is fresh of an accelerating and destructive knockout over former undefeated Colorado prospect, Reyes Diaz, in Las Vegas. Harris is plenty durable as he just went the distance with a 9-0 prospect in New York. Nelson is oozing with confidence and relishes the moment fighting on the same card as his best friend, Terence Crawford. Harris has stated that all his fights have been this way, always the underdog, always facing the prospect. He wanted to point out that he fought Tommy Morrison’s son to a draw at Heavyweight to boot, and has zero fear of facing the smaller Nelson. This is a beautiful Midwest Nebraska vs Kansas rivalry…only this time it isn’t Basketball. Grab your popcorn cause this one is going to be explosive.







Another, exciting and explosive fight between two Mexican gladiators. The fight has a real speed (Ventura) vs power (Marquez) feel to it. Ventura is the more polished of the two, with a decorated amateur career, while Marquez is old school, fought in the streets in LA, turned to boxing, has done cage, and basically loves anything to do with fighting. Ventura, has extremely fast hands and can put punches in bunches. Marques loves to load up with hooks and bring the fight towards his opponent. Styles will collide on this one and to make things even more dramatic it’s Western Nebraska vs Eastern Nebraska.









Smith can dominate at times with his jab and size alone. Jarabek has fast hands and beautiful footwork along with a great amateur background. The crowd and fan base for Smith will be a real advantage, but Jarabek’s team took the fight knowing full well what is at stake. This fight is very worthy of a title and could be a classic tactical fight where someone will need to become the aggressor to pull it off. Nebraska vs Colorado…no need to say more.









Whiteface boasts the fact that he already has a win over Coleman a few years back when the two squared off as amateurs. Whiteface remembers it like it was yesterday, while Coleman can’t even remember who Whiteface is let alone accepting that he’s the same fighter back than as he is today. Lots of hype and plenty of trash talk on social media will sure to make this fight a must see. Coleman wants to make a statement while Whiteface wants to prove that he simply has Coleman’s number. Punches with bad intentions will fill the air come fight night.








Soriano finally finds an opponent his size. Davis is unfazed with Soriano’s vast amateur success and took the fight with little resistance. His manager, Corey Williams, stated “Mike is no pushover, he’s coming to fight, he won’t be intimidated and the kid has a great crowd pleasing style to him.” Soriano has an equally crowd pleasing style to him so there is no way this fight doesn’t have fight fans on their seats.






PREVIEW Rivera an outstanding Nebraska amateur champion, including winning the Golden Gloves 5 times. Pierce has won several Oklahoma tough man contests, fought in the cage, and owns his own MMA gym. Pierce stated “I’m no elite boxer, but I’m country tough, I’m what you call Nuts and Guts. I promise you this, that crowd and no disrespect to Rivera, they will know the hell who I am after that bell rings. I heard he’s supposed to be fighting in the lower division or whatever, I walk around 180 and am always in shape, so he better pack a lunch.”

Rivera, has vowed to please his already huge legion of Mexican fight fans that he is a breath of fresh air to the scene, one who digs to the body and delivers each punch in effort to ko his opponent. Another clash of styles where paramedics need to be on standby.







Nelson will be fighting just 7 days later after his big Midwest showdown on the Crawford Top Rank card. This is un-heard of in this sport and Nelson should be praised by everyone for wanting to still be a part of the show and give his hometown fans another opportunity to see him work on back to back weekends. Only question is…What will he wear though?







Ventura must be hanging around Nelson as he is yet another who will see back to back action on the 17th. Although he is in a much tougher fight on the 10th with Marquez, he feels like it’s a blessing. “I’m used to fighting every weekend in the amateurs, so I’m used to it, I will take care of business on the 10th and then add win number 5 to my record on the 17th.” Farmer is a tough veteran of the sport and has won 2 in a row. Iowa recently beat the brakes off of Nebraska and Farmer feels like the outcome will be the same on the 17th.







This fight has huge appeal as Denton is a former Omaha native and is a Lieutenant Police officer. While Cruse, was once a standout Iowa amateur champion, the knock on him is that he had a setback with legal woes and that the time off from the sport may hurt him. Both wanted on the card, knowing fully that a win in front of the champ, Terence Crawford, may open up some doors for their careers. Will it be Denton’s throwback high volume attack or will the inactivity become irrelevant and skills will in fact pay the bills? Both men are outstanding examples of how to turn their careers around not only inside the ring but outside of it as witnessed by both being involved in charity work. Boxing saves lives and on Dec 17th these two will more than likely enter as champions and leave as champions. That being said…who wants to impress the champ??????


See you Ringside









What makes a tough fight? Is it the matchmaker? Is it the promoter? Is it the style of the fighters? Maybe all of the above, but from being involved nearly 15 years in the sport now, I can tell you that a tough fight is when both fighters have something at risk…something fearful to lose. 

On December 17th, 2016, at the Ralston Arena, just one week removed from Terence Crawford’s Jr Welterweight WBC/WBO showdown with John Molina, another title fight takes place in Omaha. Although, the Nebraska Regional State Welterweight title may not be in comparison as to most, it definitely means the world to both Guy Smith Jr 6-2 (2), of Omaha and Jonny “Drama” Jarabek 4-0 (1), of Denver.

The fight has been in the works for nearly 3 weeks now and as tough of a match-up it appears to be on paper…it was just as tough in making it.

Why, you may ask? The answer is simple. Both boxers know the boxing world can be great one moment and depressing the next. But more importantly it’s the all too familiar risk factor.

In Smith Jr. you have quite the winning streak, especially since joining forces with B&B, training alongside P4P Champ Terence Crawford, and gaining world class training in Brian “BoMac” McIntyre, Red Spikes, Esau Dieguez and Damone Wright.


But in facing Jarabek, he is facing an undefeated threat. Jarabek has fast hands, a nice in and out game, all the while shooting crisp combinations upstairs and downstairs. To make things even more concerning, he was a top amateur a few years back. His style always reminds me of former WBO Jr Welterweight champion, Chris Algieri. 

Jarabek and his team respect everything that Smith Jr brings to the table. They have scouted him well and remain impressed. Jarabek stated “I’m very impressed with Guy Smith Jr, he oozes with confidence and is a very gritty, tough fighter. He is trained by a great trainer and trains with the P4P number one fighter in the world. I have seen him a couple of times and thought an eventual matchup may take place one day. We are two young hungry fighters vying for a State Title. It is another continued battle between Colorado and Nebraska and I have no problem going to Nebraska and taking anything away from anybody.”

Smith Jr is a natural nice sized Welterweight, while Jarabek is more comfortable at 140. Smith Jr’s jab can neutralize speed and makes rushing in a real problem for his foes. The biggest attribute that Smith Jr has is the fact that he acts and feels already like a champion. This feeling has been with him for a while as he is a former 2x State Wrestling champion. Think Vernon Forrest.

Head trainer and Co-manager of Terence Crawford, Brian “BoMac” McIntyre stated “Guy fight’s better at home, he’s comfortable, he’s locked in. If he’s in shape, we like him in this fight. We believe in him. His style was meant for the pros so all that amateur talk isn’t a factor.”

Smith stated “ I know that all my fights will start getting tougher, going to be matched differently, that’s ok cause just like my wrestling days, I fear nobody, I was always curious to test my talents when I heard someone said this guy or that guy was better than me. In boxing, it’s no different some may favor him, some favor me, you know me BG, I will fight anybody. We are going to prepare for him as if he’s King Kong.”

When discussing the fight with fellow coaches, matchmakers, managers and fight fans you honestly get extremely mixed opinions, another indicator that this fight is a true pickem fight. 

Some say ah “Jarabek has too much experience, had 30+ amateur fights, compared to Smith’s 12.” 

Others state “Jarabek has to face the crowd, hometown, and size of Smith, plus Jarabek is no Daniel Calzada, Smith had a draw with him in Colorado even.”

At the end of the day, we can speculate, we can guess, we can predict even, but none of that matters, because you see both Smith Jr and Jarabek are already winners. They do what most wont… they have decided to risk it all and step into the “Danger Zone”!!!!


When: December 17th, 2016
Where: Ralston Arena, Omaha, NE
Tickets: www.bandbboxing.com/tickets
Promoter: B&B Boxing Promotions


B&B wants to extend a big Thank you to Make Believe Studios and Brett Seeley of Brett Seeley Photograhy/SCL (Sparta Combat League)



By Bill Green

Photo: Top Rank

Photo: Top Rank

Las Vegas was warned all week about a winter storm coming to the area in reference to Omaha and B&B’s own, Steven “So Cold” Nelson. They would get a storm and a nasty one in fact. 

In the first bout of this evening’s Top Rank promoted show televised on UniMas, Nelson dropped skilled Colorado power puncher Reyes “Vegas” Diaz.

The 2nd round knockout came in exciting fashion and the video replays have been an even bigger hit on twitter. To make matters even more surreal is the fact that best friend and P4P champ, Terence Crawford, shot the video for Top Rank.

Nelson improves to 4-0 (4), while Diaz suffers his first defeat and drops to 5-1 (5).

I caught up with Nelson moments after the fight: 

BG: Wow, huge KO win for you. Congrats. 

Nelson: Thank you BG, we put the work in and it showed in my performance.

BG: Can you walk the viewers through the fight, in your own words?

Nelson: Ya, he was tough. He was trying to bully me in there. Putting his head in my chest, trying to get me to fight his fight. Pushing me in the corner, trying to impose his will. I just had to stay calm, box him a bit. As the fight progressed, I figured him out. Once he gets ready to throw a power punch he drops his hands for a split second. So I started stepping around those shots and countering. The first time I dropped him it was a straight right hand. He got up, the second time I hit him with a nice left hook. Again, I will give him credit he got up. As the rd started to close, we were mixing it up again, and I stumbled pack a bit along the ropes and went down. The ref called it a knockdown. I really didn’t feel a punch nor was I ever hurt. In the second, my team, kept telling me to step around his shots again and fire the right. He forced me back along the ropes, but this time I saw the opening and stepped to my right. I knew that it landed flush, he crashed pretty hard. The ref didn’t even start a count…he was out. 

BG: Yea, that’s about exactly how I saw it a booming right hand that he just didn’t expect or see coming. Remember, in our interview you stated, straight right and goodnight? What’s next for you?

Nelson: Lol Ya I remember that, crazy huh. A little rest but not much, we coming right back on Terence’s card, Dec 10th. This train is going to stay on the track, full steam ahead lol

BG: What is that you wanted Top Rank to see tonight and what is that you believe you gave them?

Nelson: I knew that it was a step up in competition. I know that they wanted to test me, to see what they may or may not have in me. I believe that I passed the test convincingly. As far as what I gave them? I mean hopefully to create or makes some noise in there lol

If you have seen the pictures or videos…I think Steven “So Cold” Nelson made so much noise that we could hear it all the way back in OMAHA!!!!



By Bill Green

This Saturday night, November 5th, 2016, B&B and Omaha’s own, Treven “Top-Flight” Coleman 3-0 (1) returns to the ring as he faces Super Featherweight Anthony Crowder 0-4, of Des Moines, Iowa. 

The Coleman vs Crowder 4 RD Super
featherweight bout will take place in nearby Saint Joseph, MO, at the NoPlace Bar. The entire card is being promoted by John Carden’s Legacy Entertainment which includes a very interesting Midwest Cruiserweight main event matchup between power punching vet Gary “Freak Train” Tapusoa 8-6-1 (7), of Independence, MO vs fellow cruiser and throwback fighter, “Dangerous” Damon Reed 48-19 (32), of Topeka, KS.

While Coleman’s fight appears on paper to be a stay busy fight as the highly publicized and anticipated rematch between former amateur rival Paul Whiteface looms…he definitely is taking this fight serious. 


Coleman has been training alongside fellow B&B teammate, Steven “So Cold” Nelson, down in San Diego, CA, for several weeks. 

After yet another rough and tough day at the gym, this reporter caught up with the most colorful and brash fighter in B & B’s stable … aka the “slickster”, aka “ lil bro” aka Treven “Top-Flight” Coleman. 

BG: Hello champ, how was camp in California?

Coleman: It was great; I mean the weather was sensational. Coach Basheer is teaching me new things, the technical side of things. I’m able to slow down and concentrate here with big bro Steven right by my side. The sparring and different looks was definitely what I needed. Red, Bo, my pops, and now coach Basheer, that’s a ton of knowledge right there. I’m truly blessed. 

BG:  I think most fight fans at times forget how much importance is needed for the mental part of this game. In other words, you can be in shape physically but if not mentally prepared than the opportunity could lead to disaster. Do you agree?

Coleman: Most definitely, coming out here, is a huge change, but a good one. It allows me to see things clearly. I feel like I’m in a zone.  No distractions, just me and the training. Mentally, I’m on point. My mindset is taking care of Mr. Crowder on Saturday night…it’s the only thing that is on my mind.

BG: I assume you are referring to the upcoming rematch that everyone is eager to see in Whiteface?

Coleman: Yes, like I said. Anthony Crowder is first and I’m taking one fight at a time. TC (Terence Crawford) taught me to never look down the road, focus on my opponent at hand. My opponent is Crowder and this Saturday that is what matters. After that we will deal with what’s his name…Whiteface lol.

BG: So Nelson fights Friday and you fight Saturday, then in December boss man Terence Crawford fights Dec 10 and then back to work for you and the fellas Dec 17 New Generation 3?

Coleman: Yes, sir, me and Steven ready to hold it down. We ready to kick things off with some major W’s. Exciting time for us…. exciting time for Omaha. We gonna set the tone. 

BG: Sounds like a plan indeed champ. What can fight fans expect from you this Saturday night?

Coleman: Well you know me…. it’s time to get passengers on the plane, pilot has been down since May, engines are fired up, all aboard…. it’s time for Take Off!!!

FOR MORE INFORMATION: www.bandbboxing.com

NELSON: “His 0 has to Go”

By Bill Green

As previously reported B & B and Omaha’s own Steven “So Cold” Nelson 3-0 (3) returns to the ring this Friday night on a Top Rank promoted card televised by UniMas at the famed Treasure Island located in Las Vegas, NV. 

What we didn’t know at the time is the name of his opponent. It was released about 2 weeks ago that Colorado KO artist Reyes “Vegas” Diaz 5-0 (5) will step in the ring with Nelson in a scheduled 4 RD slugfest.

This reporter knows Diaz well, as I helped match Diaz with fellow Scottsbluff Combat warrior, Chris Saucedo 2-3 (2). Diaz would later be a special guest in Gering, NE for Knockdown in G-Town II, when Saucedo and Vince Martinez put a thrilling and controversial main event. He is well spoken and a real pro inside and outside of the ring. 

Diaz is an orthodox straight ahead puncher, who also likes to turn southpaw, and take chances by forcing the fight on the inside.  His matchmaker, Steve Mestas, wanted this fight badly for his fighter. The team of Mestas and Diaz will be on point come fight night and this is a nice step up in class for Nelson. 

The credentials for Nelson are straight up awesome. His list of amateur accomplishments alone put him as the clear favorite on paper heading into this exciting matchup. 

2012 - Olympic Alternate
2013 - USA Senior National champion
2012 - 2014 All Army Champion
2012 - Armed Forces Champion

As an amateur, he took on some elite talent, now in the pros such as Golden Boy Promotion’s Super Middleweight D’Mitrius Ballard 15-0 (11), Al Haymon/PBC’s Light-Heavyweight Marcus “Sir” Browne 18-0 (13) and Minnesota NABA Middleweight champion, Robert “Bravo” Brant 21-0 (14). Also, worthy of note he has been in camp with Former Super Middleweight P4P king, Andre “S.O.G.” Ward 30-0 (15)


I caught up with Nelson to gather his thoughts regarding Diaz and to keep his already strong legion updated on his career. 

BG: Well it’s fight week champ, you now have an opponent and to be honest a tough one. What do you personally know about him?

Nelson: I know that he’s 5-0…I know that he’s a step up from my other pro opponents and I also know that I’m ready for him. 

BG: He can effectively turn southpaw and likes to go for the knockout. Does the southpaw stance or his knockout percentage concern you?

Nelson: No, none of it. I have fought plenty of southpaws in both the amateurs and my first opponent in the pro’s was a southpaw. I mean, that plays right into my advantage…straight right and goodnight lol as far as his knockouts go, all I can say is I’m not his other opponents. I believe I’m something different and on Nov 4th I plan on showing and proving that fact. 

BG: Hmmm... this fight has me and I’m sure all the Nebraska/Colorado fan’s pumped. What do you fell are your biggest advantages heading into this potentially fight of the night?

Nelson: I feel like I’m really diverse, we work on so much. Coach Basheer Abdullah has me working on a dozen plans of action. We will figure him out and adapt. Keep in mind most don’t see me as having power…but then after I hit them clean, their plan changes. We know he is tough, we respect that, we plan for that and are prepared for any and everything.

BG: If successful, B&B will keep you busy as you are all ready penciled in as the main event on Dec 17th in your hometown of Omaha, NE. That will be 5 fights this year, is that too much for an athlete these days?

Nelson: Not at all, I mean I would like to stay extremely active. Fight every 45 days. I want to take on challenges, move up the rankings, establish myself, pay the bills with my skills lol

BG: In closing, what can fight fans expect come fight night?

Nelson: They are gonna see me shine and do my thing. I plan on being So Cold in there….and his O has to go!!!

WHERE: TREASURE ISLAND, LAS VEGAS, NV www.treasureisland.com
PROMOTER: TOPRANK www.toprank.com
TV: UniMas & Univision Deportes Network Solo Boxeo (11pm ET/PT)

FOR MORE INFORMATION, including weigh in and training pics visit www.bandbboxing.com


Sometimes we just simply want to sit down and be entertained. On December 17th that’s exactly what B&B Boxing has in store for you in one of our featured bouts involving Omaha’s own Treven “Top-Flight” Coleman 3-0 (1) vs Rapid City, South Dakota’s Paul Whiteface 0-2-1 in a scheduled 4 RD Super Featherweight Bout. Just like the night before when Nebraska takes on Iowa in a huge Big 10 rivalry game…throw out the records, cause this one has plenty of pride on the line.

 Whiteface was a stellar amateur back in the day, winning several Golden Gloves, making it to Nationals and facing the likes of Ronnie Austin, Preston Freeman and even Paul Malignaggi. Injuries and family would be the next part of Whiteface’s chapter as he took 9 years off from the sport. He turned pro in 2013 earning a draw against Scottsbluff’s own Omar Pena in a bout that had some believing robbery, while others screamed rematch. In 2014 and both 2015 he was well ahead on points against Colorado power punchers Antonio Diaz and Tommy Attencio, before being stopped late in the fight.

Why the Rivalry with Coleman you say?  The Rivalry for Coleman and Whiteface took place back in the amateur days, and Whiteface recall’s the fight like it was yesterday. Whiteface stated “I fought 4 times in Omaha, I had previously lost to Bernard Davis, but this time I was determined to not leave Omaha without the win. I watched Coleman’s earlier fight and he stopped the guy, but I wasn’t just watching… I was studying him as I figured we would be matched eventually. I knew he was slick, so in our fight, I out boxed him, kept him at the end of my jab. I won an easy decision. I outslicked the slickster.”

Coleman has a different version of that encounter “man, how long ago was that? I was like 16 and if I remember he was much older than me. How old is this guy now? Bring ol boy to Omaha again BG and watch what I do to him”.

Whiteface would go on to say “I beat him once; I believe I can do it again. Style make fights. I’m sure he’s gotten better since that day but then again so have I.”

So the question is????? Has in fact Coleman progressed since that day, especially under B&B or is Whiteface correct and simply has his number????

On December 17th, 2016, at the Ralston Arena, B&B Boxing Promotions plan on providing you the fans, the answer to the that question. Will it be Revenge or Repeat?????

Grab your tickets folks cause this one is going to be a classic.

Knockout Hunger

B&B Boxing Promotions Returns Dec 17th

Holidays are about caring, sharing, and giving. Since day one, B&B made a pledge to make a strong impact in the community. B&B Boxing Academy has grown over the past years, especially with our leader, Terence “Bud” Crawford, accomplishing so much, including appearing on HBO PPV and being officially labeled as the best Jr Welterweight in the division. Although, those personal achievements are great to reflect on, the one thing that is not forgotten is the path and deep roots that each member has suffered to make those goals possible.

It is true, to make it out of the “O” or to have success can cause “haters” to rise in numbers, but if you are true to your word as Terence has stated before each and every bout, when asked what the game plan is? “to just be me.”  In other words, don’t let fame or the moment change you.

For Terence Crawford and B&B Boxing that simply means helping others through the sport they love, the sport that was there for them during tough times. B&B provides everything from training, fitness, competition, mentoring, but more importantly as coach Red Spikes once told me “that one consistent place, that never moves, never changes, never gives up on you, the gym. In a sense a place to belong.”

B&B knows all too well the struggle of searching and finding that next meal and hopefully through our events we can make a difference. To get a real idea of the struggles please watch HBO’s award winning documentary Terence Crawford: My Fight


On December 17th, B&B Boxing Promotions will give back in the only way they know how….to host a Boxing show and food drive.

CEO of B&B, Brian “BoMac” McIntyre, stated “The world may be a mess, and Omaha has its own problems, but one thing we can guarantee, nobody is going to go hungry this winter. The last thing a family should worry about during the Holidays is what or how am I going to feed my kids. So we are going to work hard in the gym, raise awareness, accept donations, offer discounts at the event, 50/50 drawings with proceeds back to the program, basically whatever we can do. All our fighters grew up in similar situations and they all vow to fight for the right cause, and this is definitely one of them.”

Scheduled to appear on this card are Pro boxers: Omaha’s own Steven “So Cold” Nelson, Treven “Top-Flight “Coleman, Guy Smith Jr, Abel Soriano, Kevin Ventura, Scottsbluff Nebraska’s Alfredo Martinez and making his pro debut out of Grand Island, NE, former amateur Nebraska standout, Oliver Rivera.

Several of B&B and Nebraska/surrounding area amateur gyms have already gave their blessing to compete as well.

During tough times, tough people stick together!!!!

See you ringside,



Ticket prices will be announced soon along with food donation outlets, details, etc.

For inquiries on how to become a sponsor, volunteer, or to donate please contact:

Phil McClain
Troy Weber
Bill Green

The Coldest Winter

By Bill Green (BG) 

The leaves are falling and as fall approaches so does Winter along with the return of Omaha’s own Steven “So Cold” Nelson. The former Military vet and amateur sensation boasts an undefeated professional record of 3-0 with 3 knockouts. Most recently, on the July 23 TOP Rank TV undercard unification bout between best friend and fellow Omaha P4P great Terence “Bud” Crawford and now former champion Victor “The Iceman” Postol. Nelson dropped and stopped Texas’s Tim Meeks in exciting fashion.

Nelson is scheduled to appear November 4th on the undercard of yet another Top Rank promoted card at the Treasure Island Casino/Resort located in Las, Vegas, Nevada and televised by UniMas. The main event is a great one as two undefeated fighters, Casey Ramos 23-0 and Andy Vences 16-0 battle for the WBC Continental Americas Super Featherweight Title. Nelson’s opponent at the time of this announcement is TBA. The rest of the card will feature additional undefeated and potential prospect/champions in Alex Saucedo 22-0 (14), Sean Monaghan 27-0 (17), and Jesse Hart 20-0 (16). November 4th being of course a nice prelude into the return of Manny Pacquiao 58-6-2 (38) as he faces WBO Welterweight champion, Jesse Vargas 27-1 (10).

B&B’s Publicist/staff writer, Bill Green (BG), discussed the exciting news with Nelson.

BG: Congrats on the news, that’s what dedication and hard work provides…another chance to fight on the big stage. How does it feel to fight on the same weekend as future Hall of Famer Manny Pacquiao’s quest to win another title?

Nelson: It’s unbelievable. I mean it’s Vegas, basically the playground for adults. The exposure is surreal. When people ask me when and where you fight next…I get to say Las Vegas, the night before the Pacquiao fight. I’m truly blessed.

BG: Give us the lowdown, what weight, how many rounds, and where will camp be?

Nelson: My manager BoMac (Brian BoMac McIntyre CEO of B & B Boxing Promotions) stated this fight will likely take place at 172, as we inch towards that 168 lb. Super Middleweight division. I’m not sure on the rounds but I’m hoping for a 6 rounder, I’m ready. Camp will be in San Diego, CA, with my coach/trainer Basheer Abdullah. The weather is great, outside of some rain, it stays warm here all year round, plus bigger guys here at the gym, regarding sparring.

BG: With over 50 amateur fights, especially at a high level, including Olympic level competition. Do you feel like matchmakers are not aggressive enough with your career?

Nelson: Not at all. I mean, I’m a fighter, my pride will tell me to take on GGG tomorrow lol. That’s why a great team, management and matching is important for my career. This is my job, you don’t get promoted in the first few months at other jobs, same can be said in boxing. I need to gain the experience at the pro level, each fight allows me to progress. It’s not up to me to question their decisions, they are great at what they do, and I plan on being great on what I do.

BG: What you do or have done is knock people out lol. Describe your style, are you the knock artist we see or is there more to So Cold.

Nelson: I believe you can describe my style as diverse. Most of the time being aggressive plays in my favor, but I can pot shot, work off the jab and adjust to the style that is needed to win that night. But, of course…I like knockouts.

BG: We are a few months away from everyone’s New Year’s Resolutions, but in a perfect world. What are your goals and how many times would you like to fight in 2017?

Nelson: I would like to fight every 45-60 days, like 7 to 8 times. My goal is to proceed at a fast rate and get to the 8/10 round fights, show them what I’m about. Move up the ranks and of course pay the bills lol

BG: The venue you are fighting at, Treasure Island, will host plenty of entertainment in the next few week/months, leading up to your fight including Ralphie May, Whoopy Goldberg, and Bill Engvall. The other feature is the Marvel Avengers Station. I hear you are quite the Comic Book geek lol.

Nelson: Oh, man. I definitely will be checking that out. Ya, that’s all I watch. I might try on that Iron Man suit lol.

BG: Speaking of outfits and suits, you have been known to wear a different costume to each and every fight. The slogan “What will he wear?” has filled social media. Curious, what will you wear?

Nelson: (laughing) I will tell you this, my fight is a mere 4 days after Halloween. People will still be in the Holiday spirits. A hint? I’m looking to catch a body.

BG: Nebraska and fight fans can’t wait for November and better yet your return. In closing, what would you like to tell your fans.

Nelson: I want to thank my team, Terence and Bo, coach Basheer, and Top Rank for the opportunity. I would like to give a shout out to all the Veterans and fellow soldiers, and my wonderful fans, back home in the “O”. I will put the work in and somebody’s definitely in trouble. 

So grab your coat, and mittens because This Winter…So Cold returns!!!

Look for B&B’s exciting news on upcoming Nebraska show coming soon!!

See you ringside,






Who's next? Better yet when?

If you follow Twitter than you already know about the recent social media rant with fellow undefeated and amateur nemesis WBC champion Danny Garcia. Crawford and Garcia traded digs at one another and the hype quickly had fight fans calling for a showdown. I’m sure deep down both fighters want that fight but the powers to be and numerous barriers blocking the fight eventually led to everyone dreaming about the matchup rather than packing the ticket lines to actually see it.

The barriers are simple, Garcia campaigns at 147, is with Al Hayman/PBC and has a voluntary defense, with rumored John Molina being the most likely candidate. Next, Garcia must face his mandatory, #1 rated Amir Khan. That fight will be in house and most likely the direction that Hayman will suggest.

Crawford on the other hand is with Top Rank and despite what most say Bob and Al aren’t exactly coffee buddies. In addition, Crawford has a great working relationship with HBO, whom previously stated that Hayman will not be a part of their plans

Some positives are that recently Amir Khan fought on HBO as did Dominick Wade but both were B siders, both Hayman clients.

So unfortunately we need to put down the Garcia toy and pick something else off the shelve.  

What is on the shelf, you say? Some intriguing options are there, especially for an optional defense that Crawford has earned after defending his title and obtaining Postol’s WBC belt.

We know where the fight should take place….in the Lion’s den aka Omaha, Nebraska.

What we don’t know is when or with whom. Especially, with HBO’s recent budget dismay.

Let’s hypothetically say before the end of the year say December. (Hey someone asked me what I wanted for Christmas :)

Now to the fun part, picking the actual brave souls that want to get in the ring with the champ

The list may be familiar but recently a few newbies have been calling the champ out…yep you guessed it on social media.

#1 Antonio Orozco- #1 WBC, #8 WBO, #5 IBF, #10 WBA, #4 RING, and ESPN #6

Positives: Undefeated at 25-0 He’s signed with Golden Boy Promotions, whom have a great working relationship with HBO, has a crowd Mexican style to him, which always brings out the best in TC.

Negatives: Fought on HBO BAD back in July against Abner Lopez and was lucky to escape with the decision. Also, had some wear and tear that most likely needed stitches and time off to heal.

#2 Eduard Troyanovsky- IBF Super Lightweight Champion

Positives:  He has a belt and TC has already stated that he wouldn’t mind adding it to the collection. He’s asking for the fight and doesn’t appear to be delusional with his asking purse demands.

Negatives: Unknown in the US especially to the HBO viewers.

#3 Felix Diaz- #13 IBF, #6 WBC

Positives- He has actually called out TC twice now and has the backing of Lou Dibella. Recently, he upset top 147 contender Sammy Vazquez and lost a highly controversial MD to Lamont Peterson as well. To make things even more impressive he is a former Gold medalist.

Negatives: He is not ranked in the top 10 by the WBO, IBF, WBA, Ring or ESPN. Despite the rankings he is clearly the most dangerous of the 3. He is a southpaw, and the style of the two could be cat and mouse, especially when TC goes southpaw himself.

So who will it be???? When will it be??

Let’s do something that the networks, promoters, and managers sometimes fail to do…. let’s ask the fans!!!

See you ringside,




Undefeated and Dallas Texan Maurice “Mighty Mo” Hooker 20-0-2 (15) returns to the ring this Saturday night  on the HBO World Championship Boxing card featuring P4P champion Andre “S.O.G. Ward 29-0 (15) vs top 10 rated Colombian Alexander Brand at the Oracle Arena located in Oakland, California.

The highly stacked card will be promoted by Roc Nation Sports aka Jay Z's company. Hooker will square off with the very durable and upset minded Ty Barnett 23-4-1 (15) of Washington, DC. Hooker signed by Roc Nation back in 2015, will be defending his WBO/NABO Super Lightweight Title.

Hooker was an under the radar top notch amateur talent that amassed well over 80 wins including becoming the Dallas Regional Golden Glove Champion.

The 2 blemishes on his pro record have quite the story behind them. The first was back in 2011 when he made his pro debut, no manager, just a young eager and hungry boxer waiting to take on all comers. He received a phone call and took literally the first fight that came his way. His opponent that night was Tyrone Chatman with a 7-1 record and was the hometown favorite. 

Hooker would earn a draw which anyone that knows this business understands a draw with one being the “B” side in someone else’s hometown clearly means you handled yourself very well that night. When asked about that fight Hooker stated “I just wanted to fight so bad, to turn pro and prove that I belong. I figured just like the amateurs, I needed to take on all comers.” Hooker would do just that by reeling off 12 straight victories.

The other mentioned blemish is really not a blemish after all…it has been a blessing. On a Showtime televised undercard he was matched with fellow undefeated prospect Abel Ramos 8-0 (4) of Phoenix, Arizona. Again the score cards seemed to award the popular fighter and he would settle for yet another draw. The draw was very questionable by those ringside and Hooker would state “Yes, I believe I won the fight. The crowd cheered for him before the bout but by the end of it they were cheering for me, they even booed the decision. However, I could have done better, it was my first time on television and I didn’t pace myself for the entire 8 rds. It was definitely a learning experience."

Over the next few months Hooker and his manager, Arnie Verbeek, began negotiating with Roc Nation. An opportunity came for Hooker to face Canadian power puncher Ghislain Maduma 17-1 (11), whom was a former 5 x Quebec champion as well as a 2003 Canada Games Gold medalist. 

Just like his buddy, Terence ‘Bud” Crawford, aka the Pride of Omaha, nobody on his promotional or management team wanted him to take the fight. Just like Terence, he said “Let me prove it to you, I can and will beat him, you gonna have to trust me.” 

Hooker would drop Maduma in the 4th rd and win a SD in a fight that put him on the map. Maduma was well respected among the fight critics and the combination of the fight taking place at MSG in New York on the GGG vs Lemieux PPV helped tremendously.

In his last performance, Hooker made easy work over Wilfrido Buelvas 17-5 (11) of Colombia on yet another high profile HBO WCB Andre Ward vs Sullivan Barrera card back in March. 

Hooker would stop Buelvas in the 1st rd.

When June 2016 rolled around, Team Crawford was looking for tough sparring to prepare for Victor Postol. Crawford had previously sparred and worked with Hooker in Dallas when he prepared for Thomas Dulorme. Hooker stated “Man, Terence is so cool, I mean he is so down to earth. It’s like when you meet someone and they put you at ease, it felt like I’ve known him my whole life.”

So the camp was intense down in Colorado and Mighty Mo and Bud would put on a clinic night in and night out. After Crawford’s unanimous and dominant performance over Postol the champ would thank all that made it possible but one in particular, that being Maurice Mighty Mo Hooker. 

Crawford would state “Man, I couldn’t have done it without my team, I mean what can I say about Maurice. Thank you for pushing me in camp every day, thank you for making me go that extra mile, that extra round. I will never forget you buddy. Take a look at him folks, cause he’s the next big thing.”

When this reporter asked Maurice about how that made him feel he stated “Oh boy, that was unexpected. He didn’t have to say or do that, especially on TV. He was dominant that night, there’s a reason he’s the champ. I learned so much in camp with him. I mean the advice, the teaching, the experience was unreal. The entire team treated me like family. He is so sharp; you always have to be ready cause if not he makes you pay. But afterwards he will tell you what you are doing wrong and makes you feel like you are on the right path”

So true champ, you definitely are on the right path and B & B Boxing along with Team Crawford will be cheering along the way.



By Bill Green

After his throwback and legendary performance live on HBO PPV this past Saturday in front of 7,000 plus fans at the MGM Grand in Las Vegas, Nevada, by which it felt and sounded like Husker Nation represented hard that night…. the question now comes just mere days after the champ out boxed, out smarted, and power punched his way to on paper his biggest threat to his undefeated record. So what’s next????

As most ringside officials noted “Crawford’s performance was simply un-real, his head, body and feet never stood still in order for Postol to even figure out a game plan”. So what’s next???

I’m not sure if the viewers or fight fans understand what it takes to be on your toes for 36 min straight, with just a few moments in between the 12 rounds to listen to instructions, catch your breath, sip of water or two, and then bam back out there for more. So what’s next???

Once person that does understand at that’s the champ, himself, Terence “Bud” Crawford. The pressure on his shoulders is immense now days, you see it no longer is just winning or becoming a champion, it’s putting an entire state and the city of Omaha on his shoulders, awhile hearing that “He’s the next boxing star to take over the sport”. So what’s next???

But just like great athletes do when the chips are on the line, our leader, “Bud”, as known to thousands close to him, delivered with a one sided unanimous decision over the #1 rated and widely known as the Lucas Matthysse beast slayer, Victor Postol, whom had never been down as an amateur or pro before and was quickly placed on the seat of his trunks twice through ought the bout. So what’s next?????

Ok we get it; you want to know what’s next---

The answer has several pieces to it- so for first let’s get the obvious out of the way. As mentioned earlier in my segment, the fight may have been easy, but the conditioning needed for this fight was intense, Coach Chet and Dez did a phenomenal job in getting “Bud” ready. The entire team of BoMac, Red Spikes, Esau, and especially “TC” himself, deserve a long break.

As the best in sports say after a big victory…we are going to Disneyland!!

Rest is just as important factor as being active in this grueling but spectacular sport.

That being said here is a look at some options:

1)      Manny Pacquiao- Nov 5th HBO PPV- not sure it happens this year, not sure his team wants it either, also the negotiations just took a big turn and after Buds performance you can just about hear BoMac utter “you better sharpen your pen, we in control $%*#er’s”

2)      Adrian Broner- Oh boy would it sell, but his legal issues (currently serving 30 days) and his delusional demands for purse would most likely prevent the fight from happening. Also, no for sure thing he can or is willing to make 140, he’s already stated he’s going back to 147

3)      Danny Garcia- Dream matchup and rematch of 2 close amateur fights will have to wait. Garcia rumored to face Berto in September or hold out for a possible Mayweather return. Plus, when it’s ready that is definitely and on a key date.

4)      Lucas Matthysse- still injured eye and rumor of heading to 147, plus with beating the man(Postol) that beat the man, doesn’t make sense and the press would sure to bash the potential matchup.

5)      Ruslan Provodnikov- He was ringside and style wise it’s great but too many obstacles, Ruslan signed a deal with Showtime, is coming off a loss with Molina and needs a breakthrough performance to get back on National or Premium TV

6)      John Molina- I really like this choice especially non PPV, let’s say in Omaha this fall. He just upset Ruslan and dropped Matthysse twice in their war, also tko over Lundy, and tko over TMT’s Mikey Bey.

7)      Ricky Burns- He has the WBA belt, it would really look good next to the collection of WBO and WBC belts. He wants a rematch, but must first get through his mandatory. Fought him in hostile territory in Scotland, return the favor at O.N.E

8)      Antonio Orozco- undefeated and fights this Saturday night on HBO Latino- I like this matchup as well in Omaha- Orozco come straight ahead Mexican style, nicknamed “relentless” oh and did I mention he’s signed with Golden Boy Promotions, which means Oscar De La Hoya will pack the house, as if needed with Bud’s ability to put 11-12k at Century Link.

As I was walking to the venue with HBO’s Harold Lederman and good friend Juaquin Flores, we discussed opponents for Terence. Harold being Harold wisely cracked a joke “does it really matter who Terence fights in Omaha, hell he could fight Bill Green there and they would buy a ticket”

So true, Harold, and that is why for now…. it’s time to rest.