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Who's next? Better yet when?

If you follow Twitter than you already know about the recent social media rant with fellow undefeated and amateur nemesis WBC champion Danny Garcia. Crawford and Garcia traded digs at one another and the hype quickly had fight fans calling for a showdown. I’m sure deep down both fighters want that fight but the powers to be and numerous barriers blocking the fight eventually led to everyone dreaming about the matchup rather than packing the ticket lines to actually see it.

The barriers are simple, Garcia campaigns at 147, is with Al Hayman/PBC and has a voluntary defense, with rumored John Molina being the most likely candidate. Next, Garcia must face his mandatory, #1 rated Amir Khan. That fight will be in house and most likely the direction that Hayman will suggest.

Crawford on the other hand is with Top Rank and despite what most say Bob and Al aren’t exactly coffee buddies. In addition, Crawford has a great working relationship with HBO, whom previously stated that Hayman will not be a part of their plans

Some positives are that recently Amir Khan fought on HBO as did Dominick Wade but both were B siders, both Hayman clients.

So unfortunately we need to put down the Garcia toy and pick something else off the shelve.  

What is on the shelf, you say? Some intriguing options are there, especially for an optional defense that Crawford has earned after defending his title and obtaining Postol’s WBC belt.

We know where the fight should take place….in the Lion’s den aka Omaha, Nebraska.

What we don’t know is when or with whom. Especially, with HBO’s recent budget dismay.

Let’s hypothetically say before the end of the year say December. (Hey someone asked me what I wanted for Christmas :)

Now to the fun part, picking the actual brave souls that want to get in the ring with the champ

The list may be familiar but recently a few newbies have been calling the champ out…yep you guessed it on social media.

#1 Antonio Orozco- #1 WBC, #8 WBO, #5 IBF, #10 WBA, #4 RING, and ESPN #6

Positives: Undefeated at 25-0 He’s signed with Golden Boy Promotions, whom have a great working relationship with HBO, has a crowd Mexican style to him, which always brings out the best in TC.

Negatives: Fought on HBO BAD back in July against Abner Lopez and was lucky to escape with the decision. Also, had some wear and tear that most likely needed stitches and time off to heal.

#2 Eduard Troyanovsky- IBF Super Lightweight Champion

Positives:  He has a belt and TC has already stated that he wouldn’t mind adding it to the collection. He’s asking for the fight and doesn’t appear to be delusional with his asking purse demands.

Negatives: Unknown in the US especially to the HBO viewers.

#3 Felix Diaz- #13 IBF, #6 WBC

Positives- He has actually called out TC twice now and has the backing of Lou Dibella. Recently, he upset top 147 contender Sammy Vazquez and lost a highly controversial MD to Lamont Peterson as well. To make things even more impressive he is a former Gold medalist.

Negatives: He is not ranked in the top 10 by the WBO, IBF, WBA, Ring or ESPN. Despite the rankings he is clearly the most dangerous of the 3. He is a southpaw, and the style of the two could be cat and mouse, especially when TC goes southpaw himself.

So who will it be???? When will it be??

Let’s do something that the networks, promoters, and managers sometimes fail to do…. let’s ask the fans!!!

See you ringside,