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The Coldest Winter

By Bill Green (BG) 

The leaves are falling and as fall approaches so does Winter along with the return of Omaha’s own Steven “So Cold” Nelson. The former Military vet and amateur sensation boasts an undefeated professional record of 3-0 with 3 knockouts. Most recently, on the July 23 TOP Rank TV undercard unification bout between best friend and fellow Omaha P4P great Terence “Bud” Crawford and now former champion Victor “The Iceman” Postol. Nelson dropped and stopped Texas’s Tim Meeks in exciting fashion.

Nelson is scheduled to appear November 4th on the undercard of yet another Top Rank promoted card at the Treasure Island Casino/Resort located in Las, Vegas, Nevada and televised by UniMas. The main event is a great one as two undefeated fighters, Casey Ramos 23-0 and Andy Vences 16-0 battle for the WBC Continental Americas Super Featherweight Title. Nelson’s opponent at the time of this announcement is TBA. The rest of the card will feature additional undefeated and potential prospect/champions in Alex Saucedo 22-0 (14), Sean Monaghan 27-0 (17), and Jesse Hart 20-0 (16). November 4th being of course a nice prelude into the return of Manny Pacquiao 58-6-2 (38) as he faces WBO Welterweight champion, Jesse Vargas 27-1 (10).

B&B’s Publicist/staff writer, Bill Green (BG), discussed the exciting news with Nelson.

BG: Congrats on the news, that’s what dedication and hard work provides…another chance to fight on the big stage. How does it feel to fight on the same weekend as future Hall of Famer Manny Pacquiao’s quest to win another title?

Nelson: It’s unbelievable. I mean it’s Vegas, basically the playground for adults. The exposure is surreal. When people ask me when and where you fight next…I get to say Las Vegas, the night before the Pacquiao fight. I’m truly blessed.

BG: Give us the lowdown, what weight, how many rounds, and where will camp be?

Nelson: My manager BoMac (Brian BoMac McIntyre CEO of B & B Boxing Promotions) stated this fight will likely take place at 172, as we inch towards that 168 lb. Super Middleweight division. I’m not sure on the rounds but I’m hoping for a 6 rounder, I’m ready. Camp will be in San Diego, CA, with my coach/trainer Basheer Abdullah. The weather is great, outside of some rain, it stays warm here all year round, plus bigger guys here at the gym, regarding sparring.

BG: With over 50 amateur fights, especially at a high level, including Olympic level competition. Do you feel like matchmakers are not aggressive enough with your career?

Nelson: Not at all. I mean, I’m a fighter, my pride will tell me to take on GGG tomorrow lol. That’s why a great team, management and matching is important for my career. This is my job, you don’t get promoted in the first few months at other jobs, same can be said in boxing. I need to gain the experience at the pro level, each fight allows me to progress. It’s not up to me to question their decisions, they are great at what they do, and I plan on being great on what I do.

BG: What you do or have done is knock people out lol. Describe your style, are you the knock artist we see or is there more to So Cold.

Nelson: I believe you can describe my style as diverse. Most of the time being aggressive plays in my favor, but I can pot shot, work off the jab and adjust to the style that is needed to win that night. But, of course…I like knockouts.

BG: We are a few months away from everyone’s New Year’s Resolutions, but in a perfect world. What are your goals and how many times would you like to fight in 2017?

Nelson: I would like to fight every 45-60 days, like 7 to 8 times. My goal is to proceed at a fast rate and get to the 8/10 round fights, show them what I’m about. Move up the ranks and of course pay the bills lol

BG: The venue you are fighting at, Treasure Island, will host plenty of entertainment in the next few week/months, leading up to your fight including Ralphie May, Whoopy Goldberg, and Bill Engvall. The other feature is the Marvel Avengers Station. I hear you are quite the Comic Book geek lol.

Nelson: Oh, man. I definitely will be checking that out. Ya, that’s all I watch. I might try on that Iron Man suit lol.

BG: Speaking of outfits and suits, you have been known to wear a different costume to each and every fight. The slogan “What will he wear?” has filled social media. Curious, what will you wear?

Nelson: (laughing) I will tell you this, my fight is a mere 4 days after Halloween. People will still be in the Holiday spirits. A hint? I’m looking to catch a body.

BG: Nebraska and fight fans can’t wait for November and better yet your return. In closing, what would you like to tell your fans.

Nelson: I want to thank my team, Terence and Bo, coach Basheer, and Top Rank for the opportunity. I would like to give a shout out to all the Veterans and fellow soldiers, and my wonderful fans, back home in the “O”. I will put the work in and somebody’s definitely in trouble. 

So grab your coat, and mittens because This Winter…So Cold returns!!!

Look for B&B’s exciting news on upcoming Nebraska show coming soon!!

See you ringside,