B&B Promotions

B&B Promotions is the Promotional Company of World Champion Terence Bud Crawford and Trainer Brian McIntyre (Bomac)


By Bill Green

One would think that going 6-0 with 5 knockouts to start your career should be sufficient or even thrilling to most…. however not when you have goals to crush, money to be earned and more importantly a legacy to cement. For Steven “So Cold” Nelson, of Omaha, growing up was always a challenge, moving from home to home, unsure of the next step. While enlisting in the Military provided structure, discipline and honor, something always felt incomplete. He wanted to be known and looked upon as a champion. While some of those early goals were in fact accomplished, including winning several big amateur tournaments, the feelings and cravings weighed heavenly on his mind. 

Those feelings and cravings are none other than to become and known as a champion.

Becoming a world champion may be a lofty goal for most, but anyone that knows the multi-talented Nelson, know that anything is possible for this young man.

On top of being a prize fighter, he excels in painting, custom art, tattoos, and shoe designs.

Heck, he even designs his own trunks and ring walk costumes, which have led to his trademark catch phrase “What will he wear tho”. 

I caught up with So Cold, fresh off yet another workout.

BG: Hello bud, how are things? Still on the grind, I’m assuming?

So Cold: Hey, BG, what’s up? Yes, you know me, always training…always staying ready.

BG: BoMac tells me that some things may open up for you in March?

So Cold: Yes, we are talking about a plan, where I could get some fights in Mexico, since I’m out here in San Diego. It’s real close to the border. I mean a lot of guys that started out where I’m at have fought there. They are tough too, no playing over there. Just the way I like it lol

BG: Heck, even in the movie Creed, they make reference to how his first fights were over there even. That’s a brilliant plan, maybe B&B stablemate Abel Soriano 4-0 could get in on some of that action?

So Cold: Abel, yes most definitely. Plenty of smaller guys over there and we could train together too.

BG: All right, let’s talk about the National scene, you made quite the impression with social media folks with the huge ko win over Diaz, followed it up with several sensational stoppages on the way to becoming 6-0 with 5 knockouts. What do you feel like you have to do, to convince the major promoters out there to sign you?

So Cold: I need to stay active, stay on their radar. I’m working on plenty of marketing on both my own and have some key sponsors already in place as well.

BG: We both know that there are levels to this sport, and the major matchmakers, like Top Rank, want to see more of you, basically test you. At times, does it appear as if they are hoping you fail or stumble?

So Cold: Yes, it does feel that way. Tough to read if they want to build me up or use me to help build someone else up. But you know what, it’s not disrespectful. I have a team and that’s what part of their job is to do…make sure that I’m knowledgeable to the situation.

BG: My guess, is that you are used to that type of stuff from your elite amateur days?

So Cold: Yes, sir. I mean they have their favorites heading in, but guess what? My job is to ruin their plan, so I have to remove their first choice, basically take over that top spot.  

BG: So at some point, you will want to beat someone they are high on?

So Cold: Exactly. Upset their bracket lol

BG: Omaha fighters are old school, never call anyone particular out? But if you were willing to, any names?

So Cold: Nah, man, you are right, we are just willing to fight until that final bell. I will say this…I will fight anyone from 5ft to 7ft and anybody from 168 to 180 lol.

BG: The good news is Terence Crawford has an anticipated fight date. Earlier this week Bob Arum stated that the working date is May 20. My guess is we can all but guarantee that you and possibly Kevin Ventura may land on that card?

So Cold: Yes, nothing is 100%, but TC always takes care of us. He is one of the most loyal fighters in the sport. I was able to fight twice on his card in 2016 and it was a true blessing.

BG: Well, I just wanted to congratulate you on the big 2016. I can’t wait to see what is next, nor can your enormous legion of fans. Before I let you go, anything you would like to tell them?

So Cold: Thank you BG, everyone is talking about my 2016. That obviously brings a smile to my face but I’m a perfectionist. I think it was average. I want more. I’m my worst critic. I’m hungry for more and won’t stop until I get it. 2016 was just a glimpse…. the best is yet to come.