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By Bill Green

Fresh off a YouTube and explosive knockout in Las Vegas, one would think matching Steven “So Cold” Nelson 4-0 (4), would be next to impossible, especially with the bout taking place in Nelson’s hometown, Omaha, NE.

True to form, plenty passed on the opportunity, but one man didn’t. That man is Chris Harris, of Wichita, KA. Harris on paper looks as if he’s just another carefully hand-picked opponent for Nelson, but that is the furthest from the truth.

He is a 26-year-old man that excels in MMA and picked up the sport of boxing because frankly his coaches said he will excel there as well.

So why the 2-1-2 (2) record than? Look deeper into those fights. Harris turned pro at Cruiser-weight in 2014 with a quick ko over Jesse Smith, in both their hometowns, Wichita, KA. In 2015, he would blow out Chris Henning, of Topeka, KA, again in Wichita, KA.

A big fight was presented to him, this time to fight in the Heavyweight division, against Tommy Morrison’s son, Kenzie Morrison 5-0 at the time, in Joplin, Missouri. Just like the fight scheduled with Nelson, Harris accepted the challenge in a heartbeat. Harris would earn a draw with Morrison and most insiders have told me that he in fact was robbed of a unanimous decision. Regardless, of the outcome, Morrison can crack and Harris took the shots well and kept coming.

Just 3 months later, Harris took on another tough customer in Kansas City’s, Lorenzo Selectmon 5-1 at the time with 5 ko’s.  A familiar pattern was established, Harris nearly upset Selectmon, instead earning another draw for his efforts.

Word got around the circuit very quickly, as the rumors spread that not only was Harris tough but that he will fight anybody as well.

The phone rang and another offer was sent his way, this time being on the undercard of top Welterweight contender, Errol Spence’s New York and NBC bout vs Leonard Bundu. The assignment this time was former New York amateur standout, Joseph Williams 9-0 with 7 ko’s. Williams was an Olympic alternate for Team USA back in 2011. His amateur accomplishments would most likely give this writer plenty of carpal tunnel.

Harris would lose his first official contest by unanimous decision. However, Williams and the entire crowd was clearly impressed by his performance.

So that sets us up with Steven “So Cold” Nelson 4-0 (4) vs Chris Harris 2-1-2 (2) on December 10th, 2016 Live on www.toprank.tv

I caught up with Harris just 10 days away from his bout with Nelson


BG: Hello, Omaha and B&B thank you for being such a pro, accepting this challenge with Nelson. Tell us what you know about your opponent?

Harris: I hear he’s tough but that he’s smaller than me, fights in 170’s. I really don’t get caught up in all that. I train for war.

BG: What is Chris Harris known for, why do you feel like so much respect has been given to you?

Harris: I give the fans my best each and every time out there, I take risks, I never give up and I work extremely hard, making sure my body goes through hell in camp so that the fight is the easy part.

BG: Every fighter has that one punch in their arsenal that they believe if it lands. it’s over. What is Chris Harris’s signature?

Harris: Tough one, my coach believes that I hit equally hard during mits, so I guess that you can say that I have power in both hands.

BG: Fight fans look forward to a great Nebraska vs Kansas matchup on next Saturday night. How do you plan on being victorious on Dec 10th?

Harris: Like you said, I’ve always been the underdog, people always underestimate me, I will give it my all as always. Come to think about it. I will promise you this, I will test his heart in that ring…that’s what I’m known for and that’s what I will do.


Look for Omaha and B&B’s own, Steven So Cold Nelson, coming soon……



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