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B&B Promotions is the Promotional Company of World Champion Terence Bud Crawford and Trainer Brian McIntyre (Bomac)

Kevin Ventura: “I will rise to the occasion once again”

By Bill Green

This Friday night, May 26th , 2017, plans to be a special one for Omaha and B&B Boxing Promotions, Kevin “Badass” Ventura 5-0 (4). On a stacked Top Rank promoted card, televised by UniMas, Ventura will face fellow Mexican puncher, Israel Rojas 10-15 (3), of Sonora, Mexico.

The main event will feature 2x Olympian and the “Pride of Ireland” Michael Conlan 1-0 (1). Other world class fighters appearing on the card are Oklahoma’s undefeated Welterweight, Alex Saucedo 24-0, and the return of Denver Colorado’s blood and guts warrior, Mike “Mile High” Alvarado 36-4 as well. The National televised card will take place at the UIC Pavilion in Chicago, Illinois at begins at 6pm. Tickets can be purchased here

For Ventura to be added to a card like this assures that Top Rank was highly impressed with his explosive knockout over Colorado’s Gregorio Perez last December on the undercard of Crawford-Molina.

At a young but extremely athletic age of 20 years old, the Mexican power puncher will not be wondering what to do with this summer, or more importantly making bad decisions along the way. For Ventura, the life of boxing along with family is all he has ever needed or craved.

Ventura, is not new to the sport as he started between the ages of 11-12 and quickly began to dominate the Midwest circuit. He amassed an incredible record of well over 60 wins and just 3 losses as an amateur before turning pro.

Multiple Golden Gloves wins, medals, trophies and competing in both the Nationals and Olympic trials made him an easy target to join B&B Boxing Promotions under the guidance of Terence Crawford and Brian “BoMac” McIntyre.

I sat down with KV and discussed many things including this Friday’s major opportunity:

BG: Hello Kev. A lot of people have been telling me how strong you look in photos. Obviously, you always train hard but how was camp with the champ?

Ventura: Camp was hard work, but that’s how I want it and like it. I feel very strong right now, training alongside of Terence and all our B&B guys plus Shakur was unreal.

BG: Would it be fair to say that even at the mere age of 20, you are maturing as person and athlete?

Ventura: Yes of course. I can’t even explain it in words. I live a very simple life, boxing, family and home.I have noticed within myself the speed and power is there. But more importantly, I’m hungry, maybe even starving to reach my goals.

BG: Let’s give the fight fans a quick glimpse into your career. Some ask me where did this kid come from, I tell them he’s been here all along. Can you give me some highlights of your amateur career?

Ventura: I loved my time as an amateur representing Omaha at the National Golden Gloves in Las Vegas, and competing pretty much all over. I had only 3 losses and I felt like I won them as well lol. I faced some older and experienced guys that are solid prospects as pro’s now. I fought Jaron Enis 11-0 now and Gary “Antuanne” Russell.

BG: You have displayed plenty of power as a professional with 4 of your 5 fights not lasting the distance. Did you have heavy hands as an amateur as well?

Ventura: I guess so, cause even my first fight I stopped the guy. Almost all my big wins were stoppages as well.

BG: So, who would you compare your style?

Ventura: Honestly, I like to fight like Terence. We both like to study our opponent, assess their strengths and weaknesses and then go for the kill.

BG: Tomorrow night you fight in front of an expected sold out crowd in Chicago. Your opponent, Israel Rojas, is known to be very rugged and comes to fight. He has won 7 of his last 10 as well. What can the Latino and Chicago fight fans expect regarding the matchup?

Ventura: I hear he’s tough and likes to bang, you know me…I would love to mix it up. I think that the fight fans should expect a great fight, when you have two Mexican’s facing each other, you can almost guarantee that we will energize that crowd. However, he wants to fight, I will adapt and will be victorious.

BG: You’re not a big talker and like to prove your skill in the ring but what would you like to tell all your fans?

Ventura: Most people think that I do this for big money. That is not the case, sure I want to provide for my family but I would be a fighter even if I wasn’t getting paid. I want to thank Top Rank and B&B Boxing for believing in me. Shout out to all my fans. For those that doubt me, you too are my motivation. They say I’m being rushed to quickly…. but just like December of 2016, I will rise to the occasion once again!!!