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B&B Promotions is the Promotional Company of World Champion Terence Bud Crawford and Trainer Brian McIntyre (Bomac)


By Bill Green

Photo: Top Rank

Photo: Top Rank

Las Vegas was warned all week about a winter storm coming to the area in reference to Omaha and B&B’s own, Steven “So Cold” Nelson. They would get a storm and a nasty one in fact. 

In the first bout of this evening’s Top Rank promoted show televised on UniMas, Nelson dropped skilled Colorado power puncher Reyes “Vegas” Diaz.

The 2nd round knockout came in exciting fashion and the video replays have been an even bigger hit on twitter. To make matters even more surreal is the fact that best friend and P4P champ, Terence Crawford, shot the video for Top Rank.

Nelson improves to 4-0 (4), while Diaz suffers his first defeat and drops to 5-1 (5).

I caught up with Nelson moments after the fight: 

BG: Wow, huge KO win for you. Congrats. 

Nelson: Thank you BG, we put the work in and it showed in my performance.

BG: Can you walk the viewers through the fight, in your own words?

Nelson: Ya, he was tough. He was trying to bully me in there. Putting his head in my chest, trying to get me to fight his fight. Pushing me in the corner, trying to impose his will. I just had to stay calm, box him a bit. As the fight progressed, I figured him out. Once he gets ready to throw a power punch he drops his hands for a split second. So I started stepping around those shots and countering. The first time I dropped him it was a straight right hand. He got up, the second time I hit him with a nice left hook. Again, I will give him credit he got up. As the rd started to close, we were mixing it up again, and I stumbled pack a bit along the ropes and went down. The ref called it a knockdown. I really didn’t feel a punch nor was I ever hurt. In the second, my team, kept telling me to step around his shots again and fire the right. He forced me back along the ropes, but this time I saw the opening and stepped to my right. I knew that it landed flush, he crashed pretty hard. The ref didn’t even start a count…he was out. 

BG: Yea, that’s about exactly how I saw it a booming right hand that he just didn’t expect or see coming. Remember, in our interview you stated, straight right and goodnight? What’s next for you?

Nelson: Lol Ya I remember that, crazy huh. A little rest but not much, we coming right back on Terence’s card, Dec 10th. This train is going to stay on the track, full steam ahead lol

BG: What is that you wanted Top Rank to see tonight and what is that you believe you gave them?

Nelson: I knew that it was a step up in competition. I know that they wanted to test me, to see what they may or may not have in me. I believe that I passed the test convincingly. As far as what I gave them? I mean hopefully to create or makes some noise in there lol

If you have seen the pictures or videos…I think Steven “So Cold” Nelson made so much noise that we could hear it all the way back in OMAHA!!!!