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B&B Promotions is the Promotional Company of World Champion Terence Bud Crawford and Trainer Brian McIntyre (Bomac)




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Wow what a powerful interview I just had with B&B’s just recently signed Chicago based Genaro “G” Mendez 11-4 (6). Mendez has been in camp with Team Crawford for the past 4 weeks and will now campaign at 135lbs a division where both Terence “Bud”Crawford and Brian “Bomac” Mcintyre feel like he will thrive in. Look for Mendez to return in June on a B&B Boxing promoted card that is close to being announced.

All that I can say for now is it gives me great pleasure to work with and for this young man. He opened up gym doors for a young 15 year old Terence Crawford and for those that don’t understand the bond that boxing can and bring let me just say this....boxing and careers eventually come back full circle, much as life does. G was there for Bud 15 years ago and guess what? Bud is there for him and this time, unlike any other time in his career, he will be treated and feel like the A side.

There are two stories here 1) This chapter for G is still being written and 2) Another undocumented example of how our champion Terence Crawford has and never will forget his roots or those that were there before the money came rolling in.


The 5’6 Mendez, resides in Chicago, and though he boasts an already impressive professional record of 11-4-1 (6) he has been on the wrong side of the equation 100% of the time. Fight fans rarely ask a fighter about what he hates about the sport, they see the bright lights and fame but fail to recognize the dirty side and individuals within the sport. Mendez from his first step inside the ropes has been told to sell a “buttload of tickets, give me 33% of your purse and and don’t worry about all the details, you can trust me. This advice often came from individuals that he trusted with his life, trained with, managed and so called guided his career.” Another mind blowing fact is that is coming from people that he trusts with his life, trains with and so called manages or promotes his career. Not to already sound redundant but he was also deceived by rarely knowing who or where he was even fighting until the week of the fight.. Those shady moments lead him to self managing and training himself the past few years but yet those same individuals are blacklisting him within the sport.

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Now for the positive things and amazing people within the sport. Mendez operates a boxing fitness gym in the upscale part of Chicago, working with housewifes and sports athletes, such as football players from the Chicago Bears. What that means is despite being dealt a bad wrap within the sport, he simply embraced it and kept grinding. That approach and the ability to help others, such as the time our champion and leader, Terence Crawford, lived in Chicago for a brief moment. A young TC and his father were looking for a gym. There were some obstacles such as transportation and that's when Mendez stated “I could tell that Bud really liked the gym and felt comfortable, so i was like I will pick him up and he can train alongside me. Bud and I formed a great relationship and basically have remained close ever since.”

Mendez went on to state that he had about 40 amateur wins and even won the 2010 Chicago Golden Gloves. But after some up and down struggles with the politics of the sport he was convinced by Bud and BoMac to get his butt to camp and that's what exactly what he did.

BG: After self training and managing yourself, what can you take away from camp in terms of how Team Crawford operates?

Mendez: I mean they are really disciplined and work extremely hard. You have to understand I never even had a real true mit man, used the focus mitts or even learned the technical side of the sport. Coach Dieguez, Red, Jaime and Bo are teaching me boxing 101 and I’m truly blessed.

BG: At 11-4, what went right and what went wrong?

Mendez: I started my career 3-0 as a buddy of mine was looking out for me or at least that's the way it started out. I was young and just wanted to fight. We would take whatever was offered. Than the real lies started they even put me in with Keandre Gibson, who was a decorated amateur, the crazy thing is it was a draw. I thought I won and deep down I think so did KG. Promoter and matchmaker promised oh we will get you something easier, so they put me in with a guy that was undefeated and now is a middleweight lol. I was smarter the next few and ran off 4 straight. Than couldn't get fights so I linked up with another promoter who knew i could move tickets, same thing bigger, taller and more lies about their skill level and background.

BG: So I’m guessing that’s where Bo and Bud said “ hey man we don’t like how this sport is chewing you up, get your ass over here?"

Mendez: Exactly, they heard I was supposed to fight on Buds undercard and Bud said “ If you are going to fight those killers then I want you in camp with me so you are taking care of and in the best shape possible. BoMac pulled me aside and said “dude you are fighting giants at 147, with your size, you need to drop to 135, you never give up that size and you need to let me manage you and i will put you in with the right folks. The rest as they say is history.

BG: Wow what a journey, it's crazy to think that you made it this far with all that you been through. I simply can't wait to see how the new division, trainers and management team comes together. Your next opponent is in major trouble.

Mendez; Yea, i mean i should be honestly undefeated or maybe 14-1 tops but now...they are going to see my true potential!!!

Who doesn’t love a real Rocky story? The man we call “G” plans on delivering a similar Hollywood hit smash come June.

See you ringside