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By Bill Green

Carlos Adames 14-0 (11)

Regarding the inability to find proper sparring:

“It’s the same everywhere I go, at home, in California, that’s why we sometimes go to New York. Fighters can’t handle my strength and power for longer than a week.”

You remain ranked at 147, but for this fight you are fighting for the NABF Super Welterweight Title. Is 154 your new home or can you still make 147?

“I can make 147 if a real opportunity comes my way, but my strength and power play well at 154, there are some opportunities that can come from picking up a prestigious belt like the NABF.”

I know that your concentration is on your opponent as it should be. But do you see anyone that your style matches up well with or that you believe is overhyped?

“Yes, a name that we like and is on our radar is….Jaime Munguia.”

Mike Alvarado 39-4 (27)

As a former WBO champion, I’m curious to hear your thoughts on why your not ranked in the top 10 boxing organizations, especially the WBO, an organization you held a title in.

“I mean, ya we were talking about that. When you’re on top everyone wants to be a part of it. It’s crazy, I guess that's the way the story is supposed to be written. My life and journey to the top was just as crazy as the lows. I’m blessed to be a this stage and I’m aiming for another Nebraska ko highlight reel.”

Mikaela Mayer 7-0 (4)

Will we see the first female to headline a Top Rank/Espn card?

“Of course, that’s the plan. Bob is very interested in me picking up a belt and defending it in my hometown.”

On a potential dream fight with Irish champion Katie Taylor:

“That fights needs time to build, but yes...I want it. She’s making a name for herself and so am I. That fight will be the fight talked about and it's a matter of time before tv executives demand it.”

Shakur Stevenson

Did the new opponent throw you off your game, style wise?

“No, I mean in the amateurs, this is how it always went. In tournaments, you never prepared for one guy, just because he was the favorite, didn’t mean that’s who your were going to end up fighting. The pros are no different. Vue got hurt, this guy stepped up to the plate. He’s respected in the game. Be ready at all times and ready for any style, that’s what we are about.”

He has been 12 rounds on multiple occasions. This is your first scheduled 10 round bout, any concerns?

“We train 12-15 rounds, styles make fights, I feel like I can adapt as the fight goes, the longer the better for me. The way I see it is...I now have 10 rounds to try and get him out of there.”

David Garcia (Manager for Jose Benavidez)

Regarding the bad blood, is it real or simply selling the fight?

“It is definitely real, I was there in Texas. A matter of fact, I’m the one that recorded the video. The thing is that most people think it’s about the video, it simply isn't. This goes back several years ago. Jose has never liked Crawford, not even in the amateurs. He feels like Crawford received special treatment and that his accomplishments were not even close to the level he was at. Jose was doing things at a young age too. After the Texas incident, Jose simply knows how to get to him. He can push his buttons at any time and Crawford will react.”

So are the tactics working or you believe they will work? So taking Crawford attributes away, such as his boxing skills, being slick, counter punching? Instead luring him into a dog fight?

“Yes and no, because Jose believes he can outbox him as well. In addition, he believes a lot of fighters simply were afraid of him before the bell even rang, that I promise you….won’t happen with Jose.”  

Jose Benavidez

“I can do anything and everything better than him, if he wants to run, I will find him. If he thinks he can trade with me than even better. But we all know what he’s going to do, he’s going to run just watch. That’s why I will take his fans from him, his city and his belt. I already took the Mexican fans from him, that’s a fact.”

Terence “Bud” Crawford

“I don’t know what it is, but he just continues to talk, all he is doing is looking stupid. Half the stuff he says doesn’t even make sense. Saying I had things easy, this and that. That’s all crazy talk and I’m going to make him pay for all the talking. He saying all that stuff because nobody’s ever shut him up….I will do it for them, just watch.”


“Nothing else to say. He’s going to fight the same damn way he always does. All the talk is over….and it’s time to go to work.”

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