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B&B Promotions is the Promotional Company of World Champion Terence Bud Crawford and Trainer Brian McIntyre (Bomac)

Knockout Hunger

B&B Boxing Promotions Returns Dec 17th

Holidays are about caring, sharing, and giving. Since day one, B&B made a pledge to make a strong impact in the community. B&B Boxing Academy has grown over the past years, especially with our leader, Terence “Bud” Crawford, accomplishing so much, including appearing on HBO PPV and being officially labeled as the best Jr Welterweight in the division. Although, those personal achievements are great to reflect on, the one thing that is not forgotten is the path and deep roots that each member has suffered to make those goals possible.

It is true, to make it out of the “O” or to have success can cause “haters” to rise in numbers, but if you are true to your word as Terence has stated before each and every bout, when asked what the game plan is? “to just be me.”  In other words, don’t let fame or the moment change you.

For Terence Crawford and B&B Boxing that simply means helping others through the sport they love, the sport that was there for them during tough times. B&B provides everything from training, fitness, competition, mentoring, but more importantly as coach Red Spikes once told me “that one consistent place, that never moves, never changes, never gives up on you, the gym. In a sense a place to belong.”

B&B knows all too well the struggle of searching and finding that next meal and hopefully through our events we can make a difference. To get a real idea of the struggles please watch HBO’s award winning documentary Terence Crawford: My Fight


On December 17th, B&B Boxing Promotions will give back in the only way they know how….to host a Boxing show and food drive.

CEO of B&B, Brian “BoMac” McIntyre, stated “The world may be a mess, and Omaha has its own problems, but one thing we can guarantee, nobody is going to go hungry this winter. The last thing a family should worry about during the Holidays is what or how am I going to feed my kids. So we are going to work hard in the gym, raise awareness, accept donations, offer discounts at the event, 50/50 drawings with proceeds back to the program, basically whatever we can do. All our fighters grew up in similar situations and they all vow to fight for the right cause, and this is definitely one of them.”

Scheduled to appear on this card are Pro boxers: Omaha’s own Steven “So Cold” Nelson, Treven “Top-Flight “Coleman, Guy Smith Jr, Abel Soriano, Kevin Ventura, Scottsbluff Nebraska’s Alfredo Martinez and making his pro debut out of Grand Island, NE, former amateur Nebraska standout, Oliver Rivera.

Several of B&B and Nebraska/surrounding area amateur gyms have already gave their blessing to compete as well.

During tough times, tough people stick together!!!!

See you ringside,



Ticket prices will be announced soon along with food donation outlets, details, etc.

For inquiries on how to become a sponsor, volunteer, or to donate please contact:

Phil McClain
Troy Weber
Bill Green