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By Bill Green

While trash talk has always been a promoter’s best friend, sometimes things are said that become personal. Most recently, I did an interview with Nelson’s opponent, Chris Harris, of Wichita, KA. His interview described everything I already knew about him, no nonsense, tough, fearless, and confident in his abilities. What I didn’t know is how his opponent, Omaha and B&B’s own, Steven “So Cold” Nelson, would react to Mr. Harris’s comments. Every promoter/manager looks for a way to motivate their fighter. Fight fans I think we found that motivation.

Just over a week away, Steven “So Cold” Nelson, of Omaha, NE, will face fellow Midwest Light-Heavyweight, Chris Harris, of Wichita, KA, in what was already drawn up on paper as a very explosive fight. The closer we get I’m finding out that the fight better arrive sooner because it’s reached its boiling point.

I caught up with Nelson, fresh off another, grueling and intense workout:

BG: Hello Steve, how was camp?

Nelson: Unreal, you know, trained in Cali and been in Springs with the boys for a few weeks now. The whole team was here, felt like old times, felt like family.

BG: How does it feel to not only fight in your hometown but fulfil one of your childhood dreams to fight on the same card as your best friend, Terence Crawford.

Nelson: It means everything to me, makes me fill like the patience, hard work and sacrifices are finally paying off. I’m honestly at ease, not nervous, just straight up amped lol

BG: You will be facing a tough, durable, never been hurt type of fighter in Harris. What else do you know about your opponent?

Nelson: Yes, I hear he’s tough, he’s supposed to be, we are fighting on Top Rank TV. I feel like it doesn’t matter what I need to know about him, all fights are dangerous, he’s another man trying to stop me from reaching my goals. We train for every fight like it’s our last. I’ve studied this game for a long time now, history shows us, never underestimate your opponent.

BG: He is known to have a great chin, took Tommy Morrison’s con, Kenzie Morrison’s best shots and smiled, kept coming. That fight was at Heavyweight even. Any concerns about his power?

Nelson: The last guy I fought (Diaz) was 5-0 (5), I was told the same thing, he’s strong, unbelievable power, never been down and you all saw what happened to him. What people don’t understand is if you just have strength it doesn’t necessarily mean you have power. Of course Heavyweights have big impact on their punches they weigh over 200lbs. But in my opinion, speed plus power has way more of an impact.

BG: So, are you saying that you could be the first man to hurt Harris?

Nelson: Yes, he hasn’t been hit by someone like me that can catch him clean before he normally braces for the punch. I plan on definitely finding out especially early and often to see if his chin is as good as advertised. If he takes my shots, then my hat’s off to him, but I believe in myself and doubt he will take them.

BG: You’re a bit more animated than normal, my guess is you read my article on Harris. We told the viewers that your response would be next. What was your take on it?

Nelson: Yea, I did read it. First of all, if he thinks that he’s going to test my heart and that’s his only strategy than he’s in more trouble than I originally thought. My heart has been tested my whole life, 16 different homes, growing up in the rough/poor neighborhoods, bouncing from place to place, constantly being told by all that I wouldn’t matter, that I was a problem. Then, joining the military, where I just didn’t play army, I did a tour in Afghanistan. I feel like my life has been one giant test, time after time, day after day.  

BG: So if I’m hearing you right, you are saying you will pass his heart test?

Nelson: My heart is so battle tested that I not only passed…I aced it. This dude is going to flunk his own test. We are going to pick up where we left off in Vegas, the question is for him is…how bad does he want to gamble?

In closing all this talk about a test, I do have one question that I believe should be on it…. What will he wear tho?????????

Nelson vs Harris may steal the show, grab your popcorn folks because the action is about to start.

Next Saturday night, December, 10, 2016, tune in on www.toprank.tv or see it live and in person at the Century Link Center, Downtown, Omaha, NE

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