B&B Promotions

B&B Promotions is the Promotional Company of World Champion Terence Bud Crawford and Trainer Brian McIntyre (Bomac)


By Bill Green

On Saturday night, a normal middle age man heads over to the ticket line, grabs a ticket, maybe a beer or two, and kicks back to enjoy the fights, all the while remembering the glory days and thinking “I wish I had another crack at this.” 

For Omaha and B&B’s Kevin Nauden, that’s simply a story for “somebody else” as he puts away the past and laces up the gloves in hopes to punch his own ticket to stardom.

Nauden had a brief but stellar amateur career with a self reported record of 30-10. To summarize his past and troubles outside of the ring he simply “took things for granted."

The slick southpaw, Nauden, will return this Saturday night, March 31st, 2018, and square off with Kearney’s Luis Marquez in a 4 rd Super Welterweight matchup live at the Platt Duetsche Hall on a card promoted by Double R Boxing Promotions.


BG: Kev, your story is like a Hollywood hit. You mentioned the amateur career and I read you even fought #1 ranked 125 lb Tiger Allen back in the day too. You made your pro debut back in 2005 and haven’t fought since. The old saying is “You haven’t walked in my shoes”. That being said, could you take us for a walk in your shoes?

Nauden: Of course, I’m a different man because of my past and my mistakes. There are experiences both good and bad that have helped me get to where I’m at today. I felt like as a young man I had the talent but the street life always held me back. The pro career was literally just taking a fight on short notice, not in shape, needing the money, supporting god knows what at the time. I’m not one to have anybody feel sorry for me….I own my mistakes and live with them.

BG: We both know that certain Omaha media as of late has formed a love hate relationship at times with P4P great Terence Crawford. Your recent success is another yet prime example as to how they fail to recognize the unspoken things Bud has done for people. Can you elaborate on how TC has helped you in this comeback?

Nauden: I mean...people have know idea. I spent some time incarcerated, matter a fact just got out a few months ago. I had nothing to turn to, had little to no help...and there was Bud with open arms. Bud said “Come to the gym, don’t worry about all that other stuff, I got you.” I owe alot to Bud and Team Crawford, I’m very blessed. He gets a ton of credit for being a great fighter but they don’t know how good of a heart he has.

BG: Like i said, powerful stuff. Let's move forward to the fight, this matchup has picked up lots of steam as Marquez is making his own comeback as well. With such a long layoff, was it hard to get back in shape?

Nauden: I was in shape but it was like a bodybuilder shape. I started camp at 180 and I weighed 153 after camp. I’m in the best shape of my life. I keep hearing how young and fast he is and all that. Listen, I sparred with Crawford, Herring, Nelson and Hooker….how in the world is he going to get that kind of work? This is my comeback and the boy is in trouble.

BG: Speaking of your opponent, you mentioned youth and fast hands, what else do you know about him?

Nauden: You know the little things like “he may run from me.” The only footage we found was him getting whacked in the first min. I want to show respect because he’s a tough kid and I respect anybody that gets in the ring but one thing I promise you...I will not play in there, respect is for after the fight.”

BG: Alright Kev, good stuff. I will let you finish your workout. One last thing. With your past and now where you are at right now. What can you say about the sport of boxing?

Nauden: Boxing saved my life when I was young and it saved me again. Everyone needs purpose and motivation. When Midge, passed I made him a promise and that was to not let time or talent go to waste. This is my second chance and boxing flat out saves lives. This one is for Midge!!!