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What makes a tough fight? Is it the matchmaker? Is it the promoter? Is it the style of the fighters? Maybe all of the above, but from being involved nearly 15 years in the sport now, I can tell you that a tough fight is when both fighters have something at risk…something fearful to lose. 

On December 17th, 2016, at the Ralston Arena, just one week removed from Terence Crawford’s Jr Welterweight WBC/WBO showdown with John Molina, another title fight takes place in Omaha. Although, the Nebraska Regional State Welterweight title may not be in comparison as to most, it definitely means the world to both Guy Smith Jr 6-2 (2), of Omaha and Jonny “Drama” Jarabek 4-0 (1), of Denver.

The fight has been in the works for nearly 3 weeks now and as tough of a match-up it appears to be on paper…it was just as tough in making it.

Why, you may ask? The answer is simple. Both boxers know the boxing world can be great one moment and depressing the next. But more importantly it’s the all too familiar risk factor.

In Smith Jr. you have quite the winning streak, especially since joining forces with B&B, training alongside P4P Champ Terence Crawford, and gaining world class training in Brian “BoMac” McIntyre, Red Spikes, Esau Dieguez and Damone Wright.


But in facing Jarabek, he is facing an undefeated threat. Jarabek has fast hands, a nice in and out game, all the while shooting crisp combinations upstairs and downstairs. To make things even more concerning, he was a top amateur a few years back. His style always reminds me of former WBO Jr Welterweight champion, Chris Algieri. 

Jarabek and his team respect everything that Smith Jr brings to the table. They have scouted him well and remain impressed. Jarabek stated “I’m very impressed with Guy Smith Jr, he oozes with confidence and is a very gritty, tough fighter. He is trained by a great trainer and trains with the P4P number one fighter in the world. I have seen him a couple of times and thought an eventual matchup may take place one day. We are two young hungry fighters vying for a State Title. It is another continued battle between Colorado and Nebraska and I have no problem going to Nebraska and taking anything away from anybody.”

Smith Jr is a natural nice sized Welterweight, while Jarabek is more comfortable at 140. Smith Jr’s jab can neutralize speed and makes rushing in a real problem for his foes. The biggest attribute that Smith Jr has is the fact that he acts and feels already like a champion. This feeling has been with him for a while as he is a former 2x State Wrestling champion. Think Vernon Forrest.

Head trainer and Co-manager of Terence Crawford, Brian “BoMac” McIntyre stated “Guy fight’s better at home, he’s comfortable, he’s locked in. If he’s in shape, we like him in this fight. We believe in him. His style was meant for the pros so all that amateur talk isn’t a factor.”

Smith stated “ I know that all my fights will start getting tougher, going to be matched differently, that’s ok cause just like my wrestling days, I fear nobody, I was always curious to test my talents when I heard someone said this guy or that guy was better than me. In boxing, it’s no different some may favor him, some favor me, you know me BG, I will fight anybody. We are going to prepare for him as if he’s King Kong.”

When discussing the fight with fellow coaches, matchmakers, managers and fight fans you honestly get extremely mixed opinions, another indicator that this fight is a true pickem fight. 

Some say ah “Jarabek has too much experience, had 30+ amateur fights, compared to Smith’s 12.” 

Others state “Jarabek has to face the crowd, hometown, and size of Smith, plus Jarabek is no Daniel Calzada, Smith had a draw with him in Colorado even.”

At the end of the day, we can speculate, we can guess, we can predict even, but none of that matters, because you see both Smith Jr and Jarabek are already winners. They do what most wont… they have decided to risk it all and step into the “Danger Zone”!!!!


When: December 17th, 2016
Where: Ralston Arena, Omaha, NE
Tickets: www.bandbboxing.com/tickets
Promoter: B&B Boxing Promotions


B&B wants to extend a big Thank you to Make Believe Studios and Brett Seeley of Brett Seeley Photograhy/SCL (Sparta Combat League)