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B&B Promotions is the Promotional Company of World Champion Terence Bud Crawford and Trainer Brian McIntyre (Bomac)


By Bill Green

After his throwback and legendary performance live on HBO PPV this past Saturday in front of 7,000 plus fans at the MGM Grand in Las Vegas, Nevada, by which it felt and sounded like Husker Nation represented hard that night…. the question now comes just mere days after the champ out boxed, out smarted, and power punched his way to on paper his biggest threat to his undefeated record. So what’s next????

As most ringside officials noted “Crawford’s performance was simply un-real, his head, body and feet never stood still in order for Postol to even figure out a game plan”. So what’s next???

I’m not sure if the viewers or fight fans understand what it takes to be on your toes for 36 min straight, with just a few moments in between the 12 rounds to listen to instructions, catch your breath, sip of water or two, and then bam back out there for more. So what’s next???

Once person that does understand at that’s the champ, himself, Terence “Bud” Crawford. The pressure on his shoulders is immense now days, you see it no longer is just winning or becoming a champion, it’s putting an entire state and the city of Omaha on his shoulders, awhile hearing that “He’s the next boxing star to take over the sport”. So what’s next???

But just like great athletes do when the chips are on the line, our leader, “Bud”, as known to thousands close to him, delivered with a one sided unanimous decision over the #1 rated and widely known as the Lucas Matthysse beast slayer, Victor Postol, whom had never been down as an amateur or pro before and was quickly placed on the seat of his trunks twice through ought the bout. So what’s next?????

Ok we get it; you want to know what’s next---

The answer has several pieces to it- so for first let’s get the obvious out of the way. As mentioned earlier in my segment, the fight may have been easy, but the conditioning needed for this fight was intense, Coach Chet and Dez did a phenomenal job in getting “Bud” ready. The entire team of BoMac, Red Spikes, Esau, and especially “TC” himself, deserve a long break.

As the best in sports say after a big victory…we are going to Disneyland!!

Rest is just as important factor as being active in this grueling but spectacular sport.

That being said here is a look at some options:

1)      Manny Pacquiao- Nov 5th HBO PPV- not sure it happens this year, not sure his team wants it either, also the negotiations just took a big turn and after Buds performance you can just about hear BoMac utter “you better sharpen your pen, we in control $%*#er’s”

2)      Adrian Broner- Oh boy would it sell, but his legal issues (currently serving 30 days) and his delusional demands for purse would most likely prevent the fight from happening. Also, no for sure thing he can or is willing to make 140, he’s already stated he’s going back to 147

3)      Danny Garcia- Dream matchup and rematch of 2 close amateur fights will have to wait. Garcia rumored to face Berto in September or hold out for a possible Mayweather return. Plus, when it’s ready that is definitely and on a key date.

4)      Lucas Matthysse- still injured eye and rumor of heading to 147, plus with beating the man(Postol) that beat the man, doesn’t make sense and the press would sure to bash the potential matchup.

5)      Ruslan Provodnikov- He was ringside and style wise it’s great but too many obstacles, Ruslan signed a deal with Showtime, is coming off a loss with Molina and needs a breakthrough performance to get back on National or Premium TV

6)      John Molina- I really like this choice especially non PPV, let’s say in Omaha this fall. He just upset Ruslan and dropped Matthysse twice in their war, also tko over Lundy, and tko over TMT’s Mikey Bey.

7)      Ricky Burns- He has the WBA belt, it would really look good next to the collection of WBO and WBC belts. He wants a rematch, but must first get through his mandatory. Fought him in hostile territory in Scotland, return the favor at O.N.E

8)      Antonio Orozco- undefeated and fights this Saturday night on HBO Latino- I like this matchup as well in Omaha- Orozco come straight ahead Mexican style, nicknamed “relentless” oh and did I mention he’s signed with Golden Boy Promotions, which means Oscar De La Hoya will pack the house, as if needed with Bud’s ability to put 11-12k at Century Link.

As I was walking to the venue with HBO’s Harold Lederman and good friend Juaquin Flores, we discussed opponents for Terence. Harold being Harold wisely cracked a joke “does it really matter who Terence fights in Omaha, hell he could fight Bill Green there and they would buy a ticket”

So true, Harold, and that is why for now…. it’s time to rest.