B&B Promotions

B&B Promotions is the Promotional Company of World Champion Terence Bud Crawford and Trainer Brian McIntyre (Bomac)


Sometimes we just simply want to sit down and be entertained. On December 17th that’s exactly what B&B Boxing has in store for you in one of our featured bouts involving Omaha’s own Treven “Top-Flight” Coleman 3-0 (1) vs Rapid City, South Dakota’s Paul Whiteface 0-2-1 in a scheduled 4 RD Super Featherweight Bout. Just like the night before when Nebraska takes on Iowa in a huge Big 10 rivalry game…throw out the records, cause this one has plenty of pride on the line.

 Whiteface was a stellar amateur back in the day, winning several Golden Gloves, making it to Nationals and facing the likes of Ronnie Austin, Preston Freeman and even Paul Malignaggi. Injuries and family would be the next part of Whiteface’s chapter as he took 9 years off from the sport. He turned pro in 2013 earning a draw against Scottsbluff’s own Omar Pena in a bout that had some believing robbery, while others screamed rematch. In 2014 and both 2015 he was well ahead on points against Colorado power punchers Antonio Diaz and Tommy Attencio, before being stopped late in the fight.

Why the Rivalry with Coleman you say?  The Rivalry for Coleman and Whiteface took place back in the amateur days, and Whiteface recall’s the fight like it was yesterday. Whiteface stated “I fought 4 times in Omaha, I had previously lost to Bernard Davis, but this time I was determined to not leave Omaha without the win. I watched Coleman’s earlier fight and he stopped the guy, but I wasn’t just watching… I was studying him as I figured we would be matched eventually. I knew he was slick, so in our fight, I out boxed him, kept him at the end of my jab. I won an easy decision. I outslicked the slickster.”

Coleman has a different version of that encounter “man, how long ago was that? I was like 16 and if I remember he was much older than me. How old is this guy now? Bring ol boy to Omaha again BG and watch what I do to him”.

Whiteface would go on to say “I beat him once; I believe I can do it again. Style make fights. I’m sure he’s gotten better since that day but then again so have I.”

So the question is????? Has in fact Coleman progressed since that day, especially under B&B or is Whiteface correct and simply has his number????

On December 17th, 2016, at the Ralston Arena, B&B Boxing Promotions plan on providing you the fans, the answer to the that question. Will it be Revenge or Repeat?????

Grab your tickets folks cause this one is going to be a classic.