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B&B Promotions is the Promotional Company of World Champion Terence Bud Crawford and Trainer Brian McIntyre (Bomac)

Nelson powers his way to 3-0


Steven So Cold Nelson, Omaha, NE, opened the TopRank TV live steam with an impressive 4th rd TKO as Team Crawford completed the first portion of their goal, the second being of course another big win for our leader, Terence “Bud” Crawford’s HBO PPV Unification bout with fellow champion Victor “The Iceman” Postol.

Nelson looking to impress Top Rank and HBO ringsiders went to work early on Tim Meek, of Texas. Nelson backed up the much taller but slender Meek with a snappy jab followed by punishing right hands to both the body and head.

One of those punishing heads found its home and landed with an echo that had the already few hundred Omaha fans up on their feet and Meek crushing to the canvas. Nelson slipped the jab beautifully and landed the punch high above the head of his opponent causing his equilibrium to momentarily shut down along with his legs appearing to go jelly, while Nelson provided plenty of swag by dropping to a knee and posing while admiring his work.

The second rd saw Nelson stalking his opponent, catching him time after time with sharp and thunderous power punches that although Meek took them better, had him unwilling to engage and dancing away with little for the well sculpted Nelson to worry about. 

The 3rd rd Nelson tried to put Meek away but every time he would hurt Meek, he would be welcomed by a clinch. A nice short right uppercut, left hook and straight right cut and wobbled Meek whom had a look of this is not my night on him. 

Listening to coach Basher Abdullah’s instructions perfectly, Nelson would charge right out  of his corner and pin his opponent along the ropes, only this time demonstrate his speed with 3 and 4 punch flurries. Moments later though, the over hand right would land yet again, drawing oooes and awes from the adrenaline filled crowd whom were craving for the knockout. Just as Nelson was set to swarm over his opponent like a hungry shark in the deep waters, the ringside inspector encouraged by Meek’s corner stepped into the ring and wisely stopped the fight. 

Nelson definitely impressed Top Rank and ringsiders all while building on an already strong faceable as evident from fans ringside who were asking for pictures with man widely known as So Cold. The classy gave back to all his fans for posing for all picture requests while chatting it at with the fans. Nelson improves to 3-0 with all 3 wins by impressive knock out. The tough but limited Meeks drops to 5-3-1.

What’s next? Nelson will appear on B&B’s upcoming Oct 1st Omaha event at the Ralston Arena.