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Terence Crawford named Grand Marshal for Omaha Labor Day Parade


One of Omaha’s most noted sports icons will be out of the ring and on the streets this Labor Day as grand marshal of the annual parade for Septemberfest, a Salute to Labor.

Omaha native Terence Crawford has held multiple world boxing championships in three weight classes, including the WBO welterweight title since 2018.

“Terence Crawford is a true champion, who has never forgotten the community and the people of Omaha,” said Terry Moore, founder and President of Septemberfest, Inc., the non-profit that launched and has run Omaha’s annual Labor Day Parade since it started in 1977.

Previous to his current WBO title, Crawford held the WBO, Ring Magazine and lineal lightweight titles from 2014 to 2015; and the unified WBA, WBC, IBF, WBO, Ring and lineal light welterweight titles between 2015 and 2017.

“As our parade grand marshal, we are recognizing Terence Crawford’s work ethic and his commitment to our community,” said Moore. “That fits with the purpose of the parade itself, saluting the contributions working families make every day to the quality of life we all enjoy in the Omaha area.”

The Labor Day parade occurs on the final day of the four-day Septemberfest Celebration adjacent to the CHI Health Center Omaha, the city’s arena and convention center.


By Bill Green

Carlos Adames 14-0 (11)

Regarding the inability to find proper sparring:

“It’s the same everywhere I go, at home, in California, that’s why we sometimes go to New York. Fighters can’t handle my strength and power for longer than a week.”

You remain ranked at 147, but for this fight you are fighting for the NABF Super Welterweight Title. Is 154 your new home or can you still make 147?

“I can make 147 if a real opportunity comes my way, but my strength and power play well at 154, there are some opportunities that can come from picking up a prestigious belt like the NABF.”

I know that your concentration is on your opponent as it should be. But do you see anyone that your style matches up well with or that you believe is overhyped?

“Yes, a name that we like and is on our radar is….Jaime Munguia.”

Mike Alvarado 39-4 (27)

As a former WBO champion, I’m curious to hear your thoughts on why your not ranked in the top 10 boxing organizations, especially the WBO, an organization you held a title in.

“I mean, ya we were talking about that. When you’re on top everyone wants to be a part of it. It’s crazy, I guess that's the way the story is supposed to be written. My life and journey to the top was just as crazy as the lows. I’m blessed to be a this stage and I’m aiming for another Nebraska ko highlight reel.”

Mikaela Mayer 7-0 (4)

Will we see the first female to headline a Top Rank/Espn card?

“Of course, that’s the plan. Bob is very interested in me picking up a belt and defending it in my hometown.”

On a potential dream fight with Irish champion Katie Taylor:

“That fights needs time to build, but yes...I want it. She’s making a name for herself and so am I. That fight will be the fight talked about and it's a matter of time before tv executives demand it.”

Shakur Stevenson

Did the new opponent throw you off your game, style wise?

“No, I mean in the amateurs, this is how it always went. In tournaments, you never prepared for one guy, just because he was the favorite, didn’t mean that’s who your were going to end up fighting. The pros are no different. Vue got hurt, this guy stepped up to the plate. He’s respected in the game. Be ready at all times and ready for any style, that’s what we are about.”

He has been 12 rounds on multiple occasions. This is your first scheduled 10 round bout, any concerns?

“We train 12-15 rounds, styles make fights, I feel like I can adapt as the fight goes, the longer the better for me. The way I see it is...I now have 10 rounds to try and get him out of there.”

David Garcia (Manager for Jose Benavidez)

Regarding the bad blood, is it real or simply selling the fight?

“It is definitely real, I was there in Texas. A matter of fact, I’m the one that recorded the video. The thing is that most people think it’s about the video, it simply isn't. This goes back several years ago. Jose has never liked Crawford, not even in the amateurs. He feels like Crawford received special treatment and that his accomplishments were not even close to the level he was at. Jose was doing things at a young age too. After the Texas incident, Jose simply knows how to get to him. He can push his buttons at any time and Crawford will react.”

So are the tactics working or you believe they will work? So taking Crawford attributes away, such as his boxing skills, being slick, counter punching? Instead luring him into a dog fight?

“Yes and no, because Jose believes he can outbox him as well. In addition, he believes a lot of fighters simply were afraid of him before the bell even rang, that I promise you….won’t happen with Jose.”  

Jose Benavidez

“I can do anything and everything better than him, if he wants to run, I will find him. If he thinks he can trade with me than even better. But we all know what he’s going to do, he’s going to run just watch. That’s why I will take his fans from him, his city and his belt. I already took the Mexican fans from him, that’s a fact.”

Terence “Bud” Crawford

“I don’t know what it is, but he just continues to talk, all he is doing is looking stupid. Half the stuff he says doesn’t even make sense. Saying I had things easy, this and that. That’s all crazy talk and I’m going to make him pay for all the talking. He saying all that stuff because nobody’s ever shut him up….I will do it for them, just watch.”


“Nothing else to say. He’s going to fight the same damn way he always does. All the talk is over….and it’s time to go to work.”

Click  here  for tickets

Click here for tickets


Shakur lands new opponent


Duarn “The Storm” Vue 14-1-2 (4), the #13 ranked featherweight by the WBA is out with an injury and new opponent Romanian, Viorel Simion 21-2 (9), steps in to face Shakur Stevenson 8-0 (4).

Simion vs Stevenson will be the co-main event on this Saturday night’s ESPN/Top Rank world championship card featuring 2018 ESPN fighter of the year, Terence “Bud” Crawford 33-0(24) vs WBA #1 ranked Welterweight Jose Benavidez Jr 27-0 (18) at the CHI Health Center located in downtown Omaha, Nebraska.

Simion, 36, amassed well over 300 amateur fights and represented Romania in the 2004 Olympics. The former IBF-Continental featherweight champion is coming off a unanimous decision loss to former world champion, Scott Quigg 34-2-2 (25), back in April of 2017. Another highlight in the battle tested career of Simion was when he went 12 full rounds with former world titleist, Lee Selby 26-2 (9), back in 2013.

Interesting note, in both losses to Quigg and Selby, one of the judges scorecards read 115-113. In other words, Simion is no slouch and as some have suggested maybe even more of a threat than Vue.

Stevenson, a 2016 US Olympic Silver Medalist, has been matched tough by Top Rank, especially at the mere age of 21. He already possesses uncanny reflexes and blitzing speed, but is starting to sit down on his punches as well. Shakur, a southpaw from Newark, NJ, has been up in Colorado Springs training alongside Crawford for several weeks and ESPN boxing analyst, and lead trainer/manager for Crawford, Brian “BoMac” McIntyre, stated “Shakur will be a world champion within a year or two, he’s ahead of the competition, the scary thing is he hasn’t even grew into his man strength yet.”

Stevenson would state “I’m excited to fight in Nebraska again. The first time I fought here (August 2017 in Lincoln) they gave me a warm welcome. Terence’s family gives me a lot of love and support every time I fought on one of his cards. I’m also excited to be the co-main event against a seasoned vet.”

So Cold Willing to Step Up as Co-Main Event

By Bill Green

Fellow Omaha undefeated native, Steven “So Cold” Nelson 11-0 (9), seeks win number 12, next Saturday night, October 13th on the undercard of Crawford vs Benavidez. Nelson is fresh of his 6th round TKO over Kansas City’s DeShon Webster 11-2 (6) back in June. The man known as “So Cold” took time off from his two a day training/workouts to speak with B&B’s, Bill Green.

BG: Hello, Steve. How was training camp and better yet how is your mindset heading into your ESPN+ streamed 8 round Light heavyweight showdown next week?

Nelson: Camp was honestly hard work but a blast. What can I say, I love my job. Camp is a way of life, just like my military experience, the bond is life changing. We push each other to the max. My mindset is to be victorious at all costs. I want to be known as someone who talks the talk and backs it up. I’m aiming for an explosive performance.

BG: Several fellow undefeated and battle test opponents were offered the fight but some things never change...they all turned it down for various reasons. The most common reason I get is “ Oh, I would need more time to face someone like Nelson.” Do you feel any frustration towards or lack motivation when the big step up fights don’t materialize?

Nelson: No, absolutely not. My time is coming and this is simply part of the business. Fighters are simply not available for several reasons, actually what’s frustrating is hearing everyone on social media “oh, he ducked this fighter or he’s scared” I respect the game and everyone in it, especially the fighters. If you don’t have a great team, management, funding or top promoter, it’s simply a tough go. Fighters have mouths to feed and have to pay them bills just like you do. I respect that grind. That being said, some don’t want nothing to do with me because I’m not in there to get paid over time, I like knockouts and I’m no nonsense, so that ultimately comes into play as well.

BG: Lets focus on your fight...before you don’t make it to your fight. Oh my bad, that was meant for a certain someone else lol. On a serious note, you have a tough task in facing Mexican veteran Oscar Riojas 17-10-1 (6). Riojas reminds me of fellow Omaha stablemate, Kevin Ventura, last opponent. He has simply a record that is deceiving. He is a crafty southpaw who has been in with 2 top Super middleweight contenders in Derrick Webster 28-1 (14) and Ronald Ellis 15-0-2 (10). He went the distance with both and as usual both prospects stated “ the dude is tough and very game, very underrated.” What are your thoughts regarding Riojas?

Nelson: We watched a little video on him, ya nothing flashy but rugged and tough just like you said. He is awkward as well. The way I look at it, at this level and stage, we don’t get paid for easy work. With the ESPN/TopRank deal in place, look at the cards, everyone is getting matched tough. To get more national exposure to boxing, fight fans want good fights. As the opening hype video goes….this is TOP RANK!!! Riojas is tough and no disrespect to those other names, but styles are different than mine. He hasn’t been in the ring with someone like me and I’m not just spitting words….I’m going to show him and back up my statement inside the ring.

BG: You obviously grew up, train and live in Omaha. Next to Bud, you receive the loudest applause on the undercards. Time after time, you state how much of a blessing it is to fight on Bud’s undercards. Most of the time you are fight number 1 or 2. Are you comfortable with those slots or do you crave more?

Nelson: Absolutely, hey I just heard Shakur’s opponent got hurt and they are worried about a replacement. Heck, I obviously can’t make 126 lol but what I can do is step up and take that Co-main event. With me you get a package deal, the outfit, charisma, and action that fight fans are seeking. It’s October, my favorite time of year, Halloween in near. I can and will provide the thrills and chills that everyone is looking for…..I promise you it will be So Cold!!!!!

Omaha native Steve “So Cold” Nelson (11-0, 9 KOs) will clash with the durable Oscar Riojas (17-10-1, 6 KOs) in an eight-round light heavyweight bout. The bout will be will stream live in the United States at 7 p.m. ET on ESPN+ – the new multi-sport, direct-to-consumer subscription streaming service from The Walt Disney Company’s Direct-to-Consumer App; International segment in conjunction with ESPN. Promoted by Top Rank, tickets to this world championship event are on sale now.

The few remaining tickets can be purchased at the CHI Health Center Omaha box office or online here.

Photos by Miguel Cedillo

One on one with BoMac heading into Oct 13th

BG: Ismail Muwendo is coming off his first loss and first time being hurt and dropped in a fight, any worries facing a tough veteran such Andre Wilson?

BoMac: There’s no easy fights at this level, we are very familiar with Wilson, he’s crafty and has some pop to his punches but we believe in Ismail. He showed what kind of fighter he is in that defeat, he climbed off the canvas and honestly made the fight close despite the knockdowns. He will grow from that fight as a fighter, he will know he can get through moments like that. Corrections have been made and the kid put in the work, he’s ready to go.

BG: Recently, I’ve seen some organizations rank Steven Nelson in their top 10 at 175, he mentioned to me the other day about fighting at 168. When it’s time to make some noise where do you see it being at 168 or 175?

BoMac: Definitely 168, that’s why we have been fighting him at 172, and he has no problems making it. Steve just like Bud are gym rats, they don’t stay away from the gym, they practically live there.

BG: His opponent from Oscar Riojas, of Mexico, is known to be very durable and has been in with top rated Super middleweights Derrick Webster 28-1 and Ronald Ellis 15-0. He went the distance with both and has fought 10 and 12 rounds on several occasions. What are your thoughts on him and when will we see Nelson at 10 Rounds?

BoMac: Riojas, is extremely tough. He reminds me of the dude Ventura just fought. Comes forward takes a good shot, durable and hard to get out of there. I like the match a lot because those names you mentioned, Steve belongs in that group and his time is coming. We should see him in his first 10 round bout in 2019. I expect a big year for him as well.

BG: A few weeks ago, when we talked you said sparring was needed as Bud was simply busting up the crew quicker than expected. Is he simply getting stronger at this level and weight?

BoMac: Ya, we are good on the sparring, had to spend some money to bring in some more help. Ya, Bud gets stronger and more accurate each and every camp. He’s disciplined both in the ring and outside of it, he’s mature as an athlete and person. But, the thing he doesn’t get credit for is his boxing IQ. It’s simply off the charts.

BG: A lot of this Promotions has been about the bad blood coming in and we are seeing a lot more talking by both fighters, especially on social media. Would it be fair to say, when you stay quiet Bud will dominate you but coast to a decision win but if you make it personal you rarely see the final bell.

BoMac: I mean, we respect all our opponents and their teams, the talking was done and at the end of the day they now have to deal with Bud because of it. I don’t read too much into it, each fight and fighter has strengths and weaknesses. My job and us coaches job are to find a ways to exploit those. Bud is highly motivated to be the best in the division, so Benavidez saying this or that only adds fuel to the fire.

BG: Benavidez was a top amateur with a reported record of 120-5, been in camp with Pacquiao, and at 6’3 poses a stiff challenge. Is quite possibly the best opponent on paper that Bud will face on Oct 13?

BoMac: We shall see. He’s tough, we have seen him plenty of times. He has a good reputation among the boxing world. He’s determined and accepted the challenge when others wouldn’t. He’s with Top Rank and has been with them, they don’t just sign anybody. We respect his skills but I’m going to say this cause I’m saving the good stuff for next week lol. You can’t prepare for anybody like Terence Crawford and if you do he will adapt in the middle of the fight and figure you out anyways. Can the same be said for Benavidez?


Tickets still available  here !

Tickets still available here!

Crawford/Benavidez ESPN+ Undercard is Stacked!

The ESPN+ undercard broadcast is as followed:

Mikaela Mayer (7-0, 4 KOs) will take on fellow unbeaten Vanessa Bradford (4-0-2, 0 KOs) in an eight-rounder for the vacant NABF super featherweight title. Mayer is coming off a third-round stoppage on Aug. 25 against former world title challenger Edina Kiss.

Carlos “El Caballo Bronco” Adames (14-0, 11 KOs) will face Josh “Young Gun” Conley (14-2-1, 9 KOs) in a 10-rounder for the vacant NABF super welterweight title. Adames last fought as the ESPN co-feature May 12 on the Vasiliy Lomachenko-Jorge Linares card, winning a unanimous decision against Alejandro Barrera.

Former 140-pound world champion Mike Alvarado (39-4, 27 KOs) will look to make it six wins in a row when he faces Robbie Cannon (16-13-3, 7 KOs) in a 10-round welterweight fight.

Omaha native Steve “So Cold” Nelson (11-0, 9 KOs) will clash with the durable Oscar Riojas (17-10-1, 6 KOs) in an eight-round light heavyweight bout.

Ismail “Sharp Shooter” Muwendo (19-1, 12 KOs) will look to rebound from his first career defeat against Andre Wilson (15-11-1, 12 KOs) in an eight-rounder at lightweight.

Welterweight prospect Keeshawn Williams (3-0-1, 1 KO) will fight Ramel Snegur (2-2-1, 1 KO) in a four-rounder.

Seattle native and amateur standout Jose Valenzuela will make his pro debut in a four-round super featherweight bout.

ESPN will televise the Headlining bout featuring Shakur Stevenson vs Duarn “The Storm” Vue and the Main Event, Terence “Bud” Crawford vs Jose Benavidez Jr.

Tickets for Oct 13 still available  here

Tickets for Oct 13 still available here

Ventura “I’m going to show them that I’m the real deal”

By Bill Green


On September 1st, 2018 Omaha’s own Kevin “Badass” Ventura 9-0 (8) will make his much anticipated Golden Boy Promotions debut. Dating back to last December, Midwest fight fans have craved for the moment that Ventura would  hit the road and test his skills in places such as this Saturday night’s luxurious venue, the Fantasy Springs Resort Casino in Indio, California. Ventura is fresh off his going away party and crowd pleasing knockout over Missouri’s Donnie Reeves back in July. Manager/trainer and co-promoter (B&B Boxing Promotions), Brian “BoMac”McIntyre, stated “We were working on a few dates but the funny thing about boxing is sometimes being patient is the key. We are now fighting on Sept 1st., which just so happens to be on the card of the guy we are chasing (Ryan Garcia) and the debut of Facebook Watch and GBP. That exposure should help tremendously with Kev’s fan base and overall appeal to fight fans.”

Ventura will finish up an already stellar fight camp in Colorado Springs, Colorado, with his mentor, Terence “Bud” Crawford. As camp finishes up this week and Ventura heads for California on Thursday, I was able to catch up with him and get his thoughts on what hopes to be not only a golden opportunity but also a golden performance.


BG: Hello KV, how is camp shaping up?

Ventura: Camp is going real smooth, we are just staying sharp, the hard work was already put in. I feel really strong and confident heading into Saturday.

BG: Bo stated that this week is just about putting the final touches in place and that you have a message to send to the California fans. What kind of message would you in fact like to deliver on Saturday night?

Ventura: Simple….I want to show them that I’m the real deal.

BG: Being on the first of many Facebook watch live streaming events is historic, what does it mean to you, especially with it being your Golden Boy Promotions debut and all?

Ventura: I’m blessed to have this opportunity, and now being with the best promotional company in boxing it makes all the sacrifices in both life and in boxing worth it for sure. I can’t wait for that bell to ring.

BG: Your opponent is Gabriel Rodriguez 4-1, El Paso, Texas, just upset a 9-3-4 fighter in his
last bout and went the distance with fellow undefeated prospect Isidro Ochoa in a fight he has told me many times that he believed he won. He has never been down or stopped and believes he has what it takes to take your 0. What are your thoughts regarding your opponent?

Ventura: Everyone believes they are tough, and I’m sure he truthfully is, but I wouldn’t want it any other way. But his record, his wins, his best performances, they are simply not against me. Everyone, including him, will see what I’m about come fight night.

BG: One thing that I have witnessed and told others along the way is, every time the stakes get higher “Kevin Ventura raises his game to another level.” How hard do you work to keep a reputation like that to stay in tact?

Ventura: My thoughts are always to just win and that’s all I concentrate and think about. He’s a tough fighter, I need to be and show him that I’m better than him...period. I don’t overlook anybody that steps in the ring with me. I’m sure he wants to win, I just feel like I want it more and we will of course adapt and have more than one way to make sure my hand is the one being raised.

BG: Anything in closing, that you would like to say to your legion of fight fans?

Ventura: Yes of course, I always like to thank all my sponsors and supporters that have been there since day one and that have joined along the way. To my family, I will honor and make you proud. To my fight fans make sure to watch the fight and make some noise! To the people that doubt me you are equally my motivation. I’m training with the best in the world. I don’t need to say much more than that. Thank you and god bless.


Kevin Ventura vs Gabriel Rodriguez
6 Rounds Lightweights
Undercard of main event:
Ryan “Kingry” Garcia vs Carlos Morales
When: September 1st, 2018
Where: Fantasy Springs Resort Casino, Indio, California
Time: 5pm PT

How to watch: Facebook Watch...click here to follow the free Facebook channel where Kevin's Fight will be streaming.


Next Generation 5: Official Press Release

Omaha, NE (July 11th, 2018) Unbeaten lightweight standout Kevin Ventura 8-0 (7) of Omaha, NE, stars in the main event next Saturday when he takes on upset minded Donnie "Baby-Face" Reeves 3-1 (2) of Hanibal, MO, in a scheduled 6 round bout. 

The bout will take place next Saturday, July 21st, at the Ralston Arena in Omaha, NE. 

k Ventura 2.jpg

The power-punching Ventura recently signed with Oscar De La Hoya's company Golden Boy Promotions and this bout is being groomed as quite possibly his last bout in Omaha as he has his sights in the Texas and California areas. 

Ventura was a stellar amateur and nearly won nationals back in 2015 in Las Vegas. He eventually would lose to Jaron Enis on points. Enis is 20-0(18) and will headline his first ShoBox card on July 20 in Sloan Iowa. In addition, Ventura spars with the likes of Terence “Bud” Crawford 33-0 (24), Maurice “Mighty Mo” Hooker 24-0-3 (16) and Jamel “Semper Fi” Herring 17-2 (10). 

Reeves is coming off a huge upset win when over Detroit’s Jalen Stephenson back in May. Stephenson 3-0 at the time trains at the famed Kronk gym and simply couldn’t deal with Reeves timing and power. 

Detroit matchmaker, Aaron Rodriguez, stated. “I’m telling you this right now, my kid maybe underestimated Donnie but he is a sleeper. He is a clean cut white kid that when you look at him, you’re like ...easy fight for us. Than all of sudden this kid is cracking you, good chin, fights in the pocket and is in great shape. Based on what I’ve seen from both guys... this is Ventura’s toughest fight to date.”

Reeves only loss was when he went toe-toe with Top Ranks own Gabriel Flores Jr 9-0 (5). Flores would state “Reeves comes to fight, he’s no slouch, I have a lot of respect for him.”

"Most people wanted me to just wait to fight on the Golden Boy card, but there is no way I'm not going to thank the people that helped me get to where I'm at in my career. The way to thank them, is to fight at home, give them a performance that they will remember. This fight is for Omaha."

Ventura is co-promoted by B&B Boxing Promotions, whom will promote the bout along with 6 other well matched contests. 

Tickets for "Next Generation 5" are priced at $20, $40, & $60, and are available for purchase at the Ralston Arena Box Office or online at here.

Doors open at 6:00 pm local time with the first bout of the night starting at 7:00 pm. The Ralston Arena is located at 7300 Q Street, Ralston, NE, 68127, and can be reached at 402.934.9966. 

The under card bouts will feature several sizzling Mid-Western matchups including:

Genaro Mendez 11-4-1 (6) of Chicago, IL vs Rene "The Beast" Marquez 5-4 (2) of Scottsbluff, NE 6 rounds Lightweights

Trevin "TopFlight" Coleman 6-1 (3) of Omaha, NE vs Jose Jacobo 2-1 of Grand Island, NE 4 Rounds Lightweights

Raul Chavaria 1-0 (1), Omaha, NE vs Javier Ignacio Rodriguez 2-5-1 (1), Grand Island, NE 4 Rounds Super Welterweights 

Abel Soriano 6-0 (3) of Omaha, NE vs Austin Lajiness 0-2, Detroit, MI 4 rounds Bantamweights

Kevin Nauden 1-1, Omaha, NE vs Jeff Farmer 4-14 (1), Des Moines, IA 4 Rounds Super Lightweights 

Duane Johnson Pro Boxing debut vs James Morgan 0-1 Cedar Rapids, IA 4 Rounds Super-Middleweights 

The weigh-ins will Friday July 20th at 5:00pm at B&B Boxing Academy located at 3034 Sprague St. Free food will be provided and it is open to the public. Weigh ins will be live streamed via Facebook but the fights will not be live streamed on Facebook or any broadcasting network. For regular updates on our fighters, events, and promotions, please check bandbboxing.com or facebook.com/bandbboxing.





Instead of discussing the importance of how big of a fight this Saturday’s WBO Welterweight Title fight between Omaha’s born and raised Terence “Bud” Crawford and Australian, Jeff “The Hornet” Horn really is I still find myself defending the entire promotion by pointing out the enormous upside and benefits the fight will have from being aired on ESPN+.

Let’s start out by providing a clear explanation of exactly what ESPN+ is and why I feel strongly about it. ESPN APP and ESPN+ are available on mobile and TV connected devices and on ESPN.com. The new ESPN app with ESPN+ is available on devices and platforms including Amazon (Fire TV, Fire Stick, Fire Smart Tv’s and Fire Tablets) Android (Android phones, Android TV) Apple (IPhone, IPad, Apple TV and supported in the Apple TV App), Chromecast and Roku.

ESPN+ is the first ever multi-sport, direct-to-consumer subscription streaming service from the Walt Disney Company's Direct-to-Consumer and International segment and ESPN. ESPN+ also offers fans two executive, original boxing programs The boxing Beat with Dan Rafael (Mondays, Weekly) and In This Corner (Twice monthly). In addition, to boxing content, fans that subscribe to ESPN+ get thousands of additional live events, on-demand content and original programming not available on ESPN’s linear TV or digital networks for just $4.99 a month (or $49.99 per year)

I was curious about the on-demand content since rarely can you find original content on YouTube without someone chiming in either trying to advertise or pretending they are all of a sudden the great Jim Lampley. Wow, I was blown away by the content. Here is just some of the content that brought back plenty of boxing goosebumps for me:

Ali vs Foreman
Ali vs Frazier I & II
Ali vs Liston I & II
Ali vs Norton trilogy
Delahoya vs Chavez I
Duran vs Leonard III
Foreman vs Holyfield
Haggler vs Hearns, Hagler vs Leonard I & II
Mayweather vs Gatti, Mayweather vs Judah
Pacquiao vs Barrera, Pacquiao vs Cotto, Pacquiao vs Hatton, Pacquiao vs Marquez II, III & IV
Tyson vs Berbick, vs Bruno I, vs Douglas, vs Holmes vs Spinks and more.

That stuff brings back plenty of PPV house parties, but as we head into a whole new era of technology, what really gets me going is the ability to see a young champion in Terence ‘Bud” Crawfod progress right in front of our eyes with fights such as Crawford vs Campos, vs Gorges, vs Klimov, vs Rios, vs Sanabria, and vs Siqueira. These all were fights that were rarely shown in their entirety to a national audience. The die hard boxing fans would catch them on Top Rank TV and or catch highlights. Fights such as Prescott, Dulorme, Lundy, Molina, and Postol are on there too.

Want more??

How about the ability to see all the hype and fight build up? Not to mention as previously mentioned you can catch it on any device...

The hype I’m referring to is the following:

Crawford vs Horn Pressor starts at 2:30 PM Thursday June 7th
Crawford vs Horn Weigh In starts at 4:45 PM Friday June 8th
Crawford vs Horn Undercards starts at 5:30 PM Saturday June 9th
(Featuring Omaha’s own Steven “So” Cold Nelson 10-0, Olympic Silver Medalist Shakur Stevenson 6-0, Jose Benavidez 26-0 and California prospect Gabriel Flores Jr 7-0)
Crawford vs Horn Main Event starts at 8:30 PM Saturday June 9th
(Also includes World Ranked Puerto Rican lightweight Jose Pedraza 23-1, and sensational 140lb prospect Maxim “Mad Max” Dadashev 10-0)

Steven "So Cold" Nelson

Steven "So Cold" Nelson


Now let's get to the topic at hand despite the lack of respect Vegas odds are giving the champion Jeff Horn (Crawford -1400 over Horn +750) this fight is very interesting. Style wise this is the first opponent TC will face in his new division of 147lbs, secondly Horn has an awkward in your face rough and rugged style that doesn’t allow you to pot-shot from the outside and to dictate the pace as Crawford is accustomed to doing and finally he beat a future first ballot Hall of Farmer in Manny “Pac-man” Pacquiao.

As for Horn, the advantages of speed, skill and power may quite possibly belong to the challenger. But the biggest questions of Horn’s career still comes down to the Pacquiao fight. Did he face an aging and unmotivated Manny? Or even better is Crawford something altogether more special than perhaps a still relevant Pacquiao? For me I rarely rely on odds as I watched Hasim Rahman dethrone a heavy favored Lennox Lewis many moons ago when I cashed in big on those same type of odds.


Bottom line, both fighters are extremely hungry for stardom and have a lot to risk in their careers. That alone has me intrigued. Another bonus is the semi-bad blood that has been slowly building heading into the fight. With the previous cancellation due to Crawford's hand injury which has led to Horn’s team mentioning that they believe Crawford is scared and/or soft. This trash talk is something that the North Omaha native simply hasn’t taken lightly and has vowed enormous punishment delivered as a result.

While the days of PPV are dwindling and rightfully so, we head into an era of real opportunity to kick back and watch a potential great Welterweight fight for $5 bucks, plus all the other mentioned content for a whole month.....ummmm why are we complaining again??

Oh that’s right we want things for free. Well in closing, ESPN has granted that wish too as they are offering a free 7-day free trial for new customers.

I can’t think of a better way to introduce fight fans to the next best fight experience in boxing.

Look for an interview midweek with Team Crawford and the champ himself, Terence “Bud” Crawford!


Photo by Top Rank/Mikey Williams

Photo by Top Rank/Mikey Williams


By Bill Green

On the undercard of this weekend’s, May 12th ESPN televised mega Lightweight showdown between WBA champ Jorge Linares and Vasiliy “Hi-Tech Lomachenko, a key fight takes place.

Former Captain of the 2016 US Olympic boxing team and US Marine who served two tours of duty in Iraq, Jamel “Semper Fi” Herring 16-2 (9), will make his Top Rank and B&B Boxing Promotions debut. Herring who signed with Top Rank back in January is now being trained by Brian "Bomac" McIntyre, the 2018 WBO trainer of the year. The 5’10 born and raised New Yorker will face Juan Pablo Sanchez 30-15 (14) of Huimanguillo, Mexico, in a scheduled 8 or 10 round contest at a catchweight of 133lbs.

Linares vs Lomachenko will be televised live on ESPN, beginning at 8:00 pm ET, while Herring vs Sanchez can be viewed life on the ESPN+ app beginning at approximately 4:30pm ET.

After, yet another killer workout, I was able to catch up with Herring as he prepares for this weekend’s battle with Sanchez.

BG: Hello, champ. I really don’t need to ask how camp is going because I witnessed you train like a beast in Omaha and I receive camp notes from BoMac every week. Not to mention you are one of the best athletes in the sport of boxing that remains active on social media but better yet does so in a mature manner. But, you know me, in your own words, how really is camp going for you?

JH: Camp in Omaha was great, the gym there honestly has everything we need. The people in Omaha treated me like family. Out here in Colorado Springs, Colorado, it is like second nature for me as I’ve been here so many times during my amateur and pro career. What’s new is my strength and conditioning coach, Jamie Belt, has been here with me nearly the whole time. Maurice Hooker, who fights for the title in England has been grinding it out with me too. With Bud, Nelson, Nauden, Mayer and even Shakur from time to time we are putting work in.

BG: You just described nearly a new team compared to 2017 when you were with PBC and Al Haymon. I know you are not the type of fighter that bashes one company and just jumps on another. The split with PBC and signing with Top Rank seemed to have very little drama to it and it at least appears to my eyes as being one with no relationship tearing along the way. Would you agree?

JH: I would definitely agree. There was a few people that tried to say this and that but I would like to think that I carry myself professionally and dealt with it like a man should. I thanked everybody for their time and effort with getting me to the level that I’m at, but after meeting with BoMac and already knowing how this tight group operates...it was simply something I needed to do in order to get me to that next level.

BG: You have always been a hard worker, that reputation follows you from both the Marines and Team USA. So if you work hard everywhere you go, what makes Team Crawford so much different in your opinion?

JH: The biggest thing I can tell you and that I found out is the intensity and consistently is unlike any other camp I’ve been through. Bud rarely takes an off day, so he leads by example, our dieting is on point, everything is broken down to a science. These guys eat, sleep and drink boxing.

BG: Speaking of intensity, BoMac, told me the other day that you dropped a 170 in sparring. He said the guy was no joke and that some of the fellas struggled with cracking his defense but than you came in and just dropped him. Any truth to Bo’s story?

JH: Laughing: Ya, it’s true I did drop him, but its just sparring, I try to leave the story telling stuff for Bo, he’s the master at it lol

BG: Still, you are not known at least the first part of your career as being a big puncher. Do you believe that the new team, changes, and strength training all in place that you may in fact become a bigger puncher?

JH: I feel like I’ve always had good power. I’m dropping to 130 lbs and BoMac and Bud both believe that I will be too strong for other fighters in that class. If they believe than so do I. My confidence is in fact oozing as I’m heading into my fight this weekend.

BG: Boxing critics have stated that at times you simply over train. How do you respond to those critics?

JH: You know I’m actually starting to believe that those critics are right. Working with BoMac, Red, Esau, and Jamie, I’ve learned that I can stay busy and get the results i need without killing my body. As a Marine, I have that mentality of pushing myself to the limit but again with the fellas they are teaching me to work smarter. Those days of fighting near an empty tank are behind me.

BG: Only have a last few questions bud. They say there is no place like home. You have obviously fought in New York before, but with your first fight under a new promotion, could you pick a better script?

JH: Don’t get me wrong I love the script but I definitely can pick a better one or at least add to it. I fought at Barclays Center a few times but never in the Garden, which is the Mecca of Boxing. I’m excited, plus I have Top Rank and B&B behind me which gives me even more momentum. I can’t wait to showcase my hard work in a new weight class, under those bright lights on May 12th!!

BG: Sounds like change is a good thing champ. Time to wrap it up, one more and than you can rest, or knowing you...go run 5 miles lol. Finish this sentence: Herring now at the age of 32, is sitting down on his punches in round 2…..

JH: Puts Sanchez in the corner, he is teeing off on his opponent, look at him go, he is relentless in there, the referee has seen enough and the winner….he’s back fight fans, the fighting Marine is back!!!


By Bill Green

On Saturday night, a normal middle age man heads over to the ticket line, grabs a ticket, maybe a beer or two, and kicks back to enjoy the fights, all the while remembering the glory days and thinking “I wish I had another crack at this.” 

For Omaha and B&B’s Kevin Nauden, that’s simply a story for “somebody else” as he puts away the past and laces up the gloves in hopes to punch his own ticket to stardom.

Nauden had a brief but stellar amateur career with a self reported record of 30-10. To summarize his past and troubles outside of the ring he simply “took things for granted."

The slick southpaw, Nauden, will return this Saturday night, March 31st, 2018, and square off with Kearney’s Luis Marquez in a 4 rd Super Welterweight matchup live at the Platt Duetsche Hall on a card promoted by Double R Boxing Promotions.


BG: Kev, your story is like a Hollywood hit. You mentioned the amateur career and I read you even fought #1 ranked 125 lb Tiger Allen back in the day too. You made your pro debut back in 2005 and haven’t fought since. The old saying is “You haven’t walked in my shoes”. That being said, could you take us for a walk in your shoes?

Nauden: Of course, I’m a different man because of my past and my mistakes. There are experiences both good and bad that have helped me get to where I’m at today. I felt like as a young man I had the talent but the street life always held me back. The pro career was literally just taking a fight on short notice, not in shape, needing the money, supporting god knows what at the time. I’m not one to have anybody feel sorry for me….I own my mistakes and live with them.

BG: We both know that certain Omaha media as of late has formed a love hate relationship at times with P4P great Terence Crawford. Your recent success is another yet prime example as to how they fail to recognize the unspoken things Bud has done for people. Can you elaborate on how TC has helped you in this comeback?

Nauden: I mean...people have know idea. I spent some time incarcerated, matter a fact just got out a few months ago. I had nothing to turn to, had little to no help...and there was Bud with open arms. Bud said “Come to the gym, don’t worry about all that other stuff, I got you.” I owe alot to Bud and Team Crawford, I’m very blessed. He gets a ton of credit for being a great fighter but they don’t know how good of a heart he has.

BG: Like i said, powerful stuff. Let's move forward to the fight, this matchup has picked up lots of steam as Marquez is making his own comeback as well. With such a long layoff, was it hard to get back in shape?

Nauden: I was in shape but it was like a bodybuilder shape. I started camp at 180 and I weighed 153 after camp. I’m in the best shape of my life. I keep hearing how young and fast he is and all that. Listen, I sparred with Crawford, Herring, Nelson and Hooker….how in the world is he going to get that kind of work? This is my comeback and the boy is in trouble.

BG: Speaking of your opponent, you mentioned youth and fast hands, what else do you know about him?

Nauden: You know the little things like “he may run from me.” The only footage we found was him getting whacked in the first min. I want to show respect because he’s a tough kid and I respect anybody that gets in the ring but one thing I promise you...I will not play in there, respect is for after the fight.”

BG: Alright Kev, good stuff. I will let you finish your workout. One last thing. With your past and now where you are at right now. What can you say about the sport of boxing?

Nauden: Boxing saved my life when I was young and it saved me again. Everyone needs purpose and motivation. When Midge, passed I made him a promise and that was to not let time or talent go to waste. This is my second chance and boxing flat out saves lives. This one is for Midge!!!


By Bill Green

Kent Cruz 14-0 (8 KO)

Kent Cruz 14-0 (8 KO)

On April 28th, 2018, Kent “The Puerto Rican Sensation” 14-0 (8) makes his much anticipated Top Rank debut on the undercard of a stacked card featuring WBO Super Bantamweight Champion Jesse Magdaleno 25-0 (18) ,Former Super Middleweight Title Challenger Jesse Hart 23-1 (19), World ranked Heavyweight contender Bryant Jennings 22-2 (13), Olympic Silver Medalist Shakur Stevenson 5-0 (2), and power punching local Pennsylvania Featherweight Joseph Adorno 6-0 (6).

Cruz will take on Texas’s upset minded Mohamed Rodriguez 11-5 (4) in a scheduled 8 round Super lightweight contest Promoted by Top Rank and Peltz Boxing Promotions located at the Liacouras Center, in Philadelphia, PA. The Puerto Rican vs Mexico rivalry continues as Cruz vs Rodriguez can be viewed in its entirety live on ESPN APP as part of the mega ESPN/TopRank deal.

BG: After signing with Top Rank in December, we talked about your desire to step up the competition and in Rodriguez it looks as if that moment has now come. Rodriguez has won 2 in a row and has been in with some stiff competition like New Mexico’s Fidel Maldonado 24-4-1 (19) and most recently upsetting Manuel Mendez 15-2-3 (11) with a stunning 4th round ko. Is this too big of a step up or deemed a risky fight?

Cruz: I’m to the point in my career that I need to step up the caliber of opponents. I’m 14-0 and the critics say I haven't been tested. I need guys like this that are tough and come to test my skills. These are the type of opponents that are needed to help prepare me for that next level. He’s tough and we are training for him like it's for a World Title.

BG: Ironically, you have previously fought on the East Coast. In fact, it was in Bethlehem, Pennsylvania. You won a tough but unanimous 6 round decision over Jerome Rodriguez who was 7-3-3 at the time. Can you walk me through that night?

Cruz: Ya, Rodriguez was a game and a tough challenge. It was his hometown even. I will tell you this, Philly fans know and understand boxing. The crowd was into that one. It was televised on Fox Sports 1. Philly has a large Puerto Rican population and I can’t wait to hear that crowd once again on the 28th.

BG: As discussed, the competition has increased but so has the opportunity. How have you prepared for the step up in rounds and competition?

Cruz: I have been running a lot more, using better sparring, maintaining my sharpness, improving my diet but most of all preparing mentally and working on the game plan.

BG: April 28th Top Rank and Peltz Promotions have quite the list of upcoming talent and already emerging stars in Magdaleno, Hart, Jennings, Stevenson, Adorno and now you. How does it feel to finally seeing and hearing your name attached to a card such as this?

Cruz: I’m truly blessed and I’m grateful towards B&B Boxing Promotions and Top Rank. I have bounced around from Promoter to Promoter. It has been frustrating and I feel like I’m one of those under the radar type fighters that has been giving an audition. I’m going to take this opportunity and run with it. I need to perform and execute, than fight fans will finally know who I am.

BG: So just like stablemate and bossman Terence “Bud” Crawford 32-0 (23), you have to go out and prove them wrong and make them a believer just like the Prescott fight? I know most fighters simply shy away from predictions but what kind of outcome do you hope for?

Cruz: I’m not trying to put a lot of pressure on me but if I’m being real..I want a knockout. My favorite fighter and the reason I started boxing was Felix Trinidad. I have modeled my career and style around his, I like to break my opponent down, box when I need to, but ultimately I want to see if he can take my power. This is a hurt business and I’m definitely going for the ko. I just don't want a ko, I want to get one in spectacular fashion. I want to stay active and the only way to make that a reality is to win and give the fans what they love and that’s an early night.




IMG_1486 (1).JPG

Wow what a powerful interview I just had with B&B’s just recently signed Chicago based Genaro “G” Mendez 11-4 (6). Mendez has been in camp with Team Crawford for the past 4 weeks and will now campaign at 135lbs a division where both Terence “Bud”Crawford and Brian “Bomac” Mcintyre feel like he will thrive in. Look for Mendez to return in June on a B&B Boxing promoted card that is close to being announced.

All that I can say for now is it gives me great pleasure to work with and for this young man. He opened up gym doors for a young 15 year old Terence Crawford and for those that don’t understand the bond that boxing can and bring let me just say this....boxing and careers eventually come back full circle, much as life does. G was there for Bud 15 years ago and guess what? Bud is there for him and this time, unlike any other time in his career, he will be treated and feel like the A side.

There are two stories here 1) This chapter for G is still being written and 2) Another undocumented example of how our champion Terence Crawford has and never will forget his roots or those that were there before the money came rolling in.


The 5’6 Mendez, resides in Chicago, and though he boasts an already impressive professional record of 11-4-1 (6) he has been on the wrong side of the equation 100% of the time. Fight fans rarely ask a fighter about what he hates about the sport, they see the bright lights and fame but fail to recognize the dirty side and individuals within the sport. Mendez from his first step inside the ropes has been told to sell a “buttload of tickets, give me 33% of your purse and and don’t worry about all the details, you can trust me. This advice often came from individuals that he trusted with his life, trained with, managed and so called guided his career.” Another mind blowing fact is that is coming from people that he trusts with his life, trains with and so called manages or promotes his career. Not to already sound redundant but he was also deceived by rarely knowing who or where he was even fighting until the week of the fight.. Those shady moments lead him to self managing and training himself the past few years but yet those same individuals are blacklisting him within the sport.

IMG_1488 (1).JPG

Now for the positive things and amazing people within the sport. Mendez operates a boxing fitness gym in the upscale part of Chicago, working with housewifes and sports athletes, such as football players from the Chicago Bears. What that means is despite being dealt a bad wrap within the sport, he simply embraced it and kept grinding. That approach and the ability to help others, such as the time our champion and leader, Terence Crawford, lived in Chicago for a brief moment. A young TC and his father were looking for a gym. There were some obstacles such as transportation and that's when Mendez stated “I could tell that Bud really liked the gym and felt comfortable, so i was like I will pick him up and he can train alongside me. Bud and I formed a great relationship and basically have remained close ever since.”

Mendez went on to state that he had about 40 amateur wins and even won the 2010 Chicago Golden Gloves. But after some up and down struggles with the politics of the sport he was convinced by Bud and BoMac to get his butt to camp and that's what exactly what he did.

BG: After self training and managing yourself, what can you take away from camp in terms of how Team Crawford operates?

Mendez: I mean they are really disciplined and work extremely hard. You have to understand I never even had a real true mit man, used the focus mitts or even learned the technical side of the sport. Coach Dieguez, Red, Jaime and Bo are teaching me boxing 101 and I’m truly blessed.

BG: At 11-4, what went right and what went wrong?

Mendez: I started my career 3-0 as a buddy of mine was looking out for me or at least that's the way it started out. I was young and just wanted to fight. We would take whatever was offered. Than the real lies started they even put me in with Keandre Gibson, who was a decorated amateur, the crazy thing is it was a draw. I thought I won and deep down I think so did KG. Promoter and matchmaker promised oh we will get you something easier, so they put me in with a guy that was undefeated and now is a middleweight lol. I was smarter the next few and ran off 4 straight. Than couldn't get fights so I linked up with another promoter who knew i could move tickets, same thing bigger, taller and more lies about their skill level and background.

BG: So I’m guessing that’s where Bo and Bud said “ hey man we don’t like how this sport is chewing you up, get your ass over here?"

Mendez: Exactly, they heard I was supposed to fight on Buds undercard and Bud said “ If you are going to fight those killers then I want you in camp with me so you are taking care of and in the best shape possible. BoMac pulled me aside and said “dude you are fighting giants at 147, with your size, you need to drop to 135, you never give up that size and you need to let me manage you and i will put you in with the right folks. The rest as they say is history.

BG: Wow what a journey, it's crazy to think that you made it this far with all that you been through. I simply can't wait to see how the new division, trainers and management team comes together. Your next opponent is in major trouble.

Mendez; Yea, i mean i should be honestly undefeated or maybe 14-1 tops but now...they are going to see my true potential!!!

Who doesn’t love a real Rocky story? The man we call “G” plans on delivering a similar Hollywood hit smash come June.

See you ringside




image1 (2).jpeg

Since the arrival of B&B Boxing Promotions, founded and created by Terence “Bud” Crawford and Brian “BoMac” Mcintire, we have watched them groom local talent and now in 2018 sign/manage already established talent. B&B has a close working relationship with Bob Arum Top Rank Promotions since Crawford signed with the world class company back in 2011.


As Crawford’s skill and stock grew along with the confidence from matchmaker, Brad Goodman, saw in this team, the past few years we have witnessed several B&B talent appear on Crawford’s undercards. Some of those popular names include former Scottsbluff Junior Olympic champion Alfredo Martinez 7-0, former Omaha Nebraska amateur star Bernard Davis 3-0, former top Omaha amateur star Johnny “The Law” Determan 10-2, and most recently the extremely skilled Mexican-American Omaha native Kevin “Bad Ass” Ventura 8-0. Ventura has won 3 straight on Top Rank undercards and all in devastating ko fashion.


In 2016, we saw another former Omaha National amateur star emerge as Steven “So Cold” Nelson stormed on to the pro scene with ko after ko. The multi-talented Nelson 9-0  also brought something else to the table in both charisma and flare. Nelson has trademark “So Cold” and “What will he wear tho” gear floating around the fight circuit.  Nelon’s catch phrases and stellar ring entrances are having fight fans show up earlier and earlier when he appears on the undercards of Crawford. Nelson and Crawford were childhood best friends and feed off of each other in camp.With 6 of his 9 wins coming on Top Rank cards, it was an easy decision for both Nelson and TR to team up. Nelson stated “I moved back to Omaha full time, I’m all in now. No more part-time training. I’m locked in and as they say it’s beast time. I love me some Las Vegas and you know how I love to entertain. My ring entrance and outfit will flow with my mood at camp, you never know what I will do or wear but that's why you need to buy that ticket.” Nelson officially signed a 3 fight deal with Top Rank back in December of 2017. Nelson will again appear on Crawford’s undercard as a real Midwest Light Heavyweight showdown will go down in Vegas as he faces KC’s DeShown Webster 10-1 in a scheduled 6/8 round contest on April 14th.

image1 (1).jpeg

On April 28th in Philadelphia, PA, another B&B hidden boxing jewel, Kent “Puerto Rican Sensation” Cruz 14-0 of St Louis, will make his Top Rank and Espn debut. Since signing with B&B, Cruz has ran off two powerful 1st round knockouts. Cruz will get his first camp experience with Team Crawford and fellow B&B stablemates as the entire camp heads to high altitude in Colorado Springs this weekend. Cruz stated “I can’t sleep at night because I’m so pumped for camp, I got this far on talent and working hard but wasn’t able to give my fullest. To train alongside all the fellas with that much talent in camp is going to put some shine on my skill set. They want me to polish my craft and that’s exactly what I’m going to do.” Cruz officially signed with Top Rank back in December of 2017 as well. The nearly 6ft Cruz has his eyes set on the 140lb prize or as BoMac stated ‘He may even make 135 after this camp.”


Top Rank already broke the news a few weeks back when they signed 2012 Olympian, Jamel Herring 16-2. However, it was B&B that pushed the envelope. Herring has been in camp with Team Crawford on several different occasions. They simply love his work ethics which is not surprisingly for a former Marine, especially someone who did 2 tours in Iraq. Herring was previously with Al Haymon and trained alongside Adrien “The Problem” Broner in Cincinnati. Regarding his relationship with past trainer Mike Stafford “ We left on great terms, I was with PBC and those guys and I have zero regrets. There will be no steps back, we are moving forward in life and in boxing. I believe that the folks at TR and here at B&B are the right men for helping me get to where I want to be in this sport. BoMac believes I can make some noise at 126 and 130, so if he believes it, so do I.” Herring will return to action April 14th on the undercard of Crawford/Horn as well. Herring stated that it will be a 10 rd bout and he is not looking for any special treatment, his nickname in the Marines was “Semper Fi”. Translation always faithful, he went on to state “Once a Marine, always a Marine.”  Herring displays strong character and is great addition for both TR and B&B.

Muwendo at B&B (1).jpeg

The list seems to keep getting bigger, as former top Ugandan amateur, Ismail “Sharp Shooter” Muwendo 19-0, of Minnesota, officially signed with Top Rank on Feb 6th. Muwendo last appeared in California on a Roy Jones promotions card. In fact, BoMac helped orchestrate the release from RJJ promotions as he truly believes that Muwendo can and will be a world champion. BoMac stated “Ismail will head to camp with us in a few weeks, he last fought at 142 lbs, we are going to get him in good shape and have him fighting at 130. Once Lomachenko moves up to 135-140, that division is going to be open at 130. Him and Herring are going to be right in the mix.” Herring’s return is being groomed for May 12.

Jayne Kamin-Oncea/Getty Images

As for the leaders, Crawford and BoMac, both continue to shine not only locally but nationally. Crawford was a major hit and fit right in at the NBA Celebrity All Star game. BoMac has signed on to commentate on the undercards for ESPN live streaming feeds. Bo brought his humor and vast knowledge of boxing, mixed and blended them to a perfect recipe all the while providing great commentary.

Crawford stated “I feel blessed because it has been a struggle from the amateur days, people have know idea, we all piled in one car and even slept in the car just to compete at a tournament. This gym wasn't much in the beginning but now just like us, it has come together. I’m ready for camp, I’m focused. I know what is at stake. I don’t care about all that other noise in the sport. I care about what’s in front of me and that’s Jeff Horn.”

A full Q&A with Crawford will be available soon on both bandbboxing.com and fightnews.com

What’s next? Camp Life returns as they head to Colorado for one goal in mind “Work Time”


Photo credits go to Miguel Cedillo - Make Believe New Media


Christmas Comes Early for Two B&B Boxing Prospects

Steven Nelson & Kent Cruz Officially Sign with Top Rank

By Bill Green

Steven Nelson 9-0 (8)

Steven Nelson 9-0 (8)

When asked as to how former Omaha native Light heavyweight prospect Steven “So Cold” Nelson 9-0 (8) stays focused he stated, “You wait, you check your phone daily, you go to the gym, and you keep grinding each day.”

Since turning pro that’s exactly what the fast talking and power punching charismatic Nelson has accomplished. But fight after fight, most of the time fighting for a low purse in effort to make sure his team could secure an opponent willing to get in the ring with him. But he started just for a moment to self-doubt. Nelson stated “I wondered if this boxing thing is just going to be part-time, maybe it’s time to start a career. Maybe it’s just not in the cards, sure I know I can fight and I know I can beat most of these guys that are already making nice bread, but I must pay those bills, you know what I’m saying.” But every time I would feel this way BoMac and Bud would say “be patient, it’s coming.”

On November 17, 2017, that time, that phone call, finally rang. On the other end, his manager Brian “BoMac” McIntyre, would cut to the chase and say, “I got some good news for you, young fella, get your shit in order, because you just got signed by Top Rank.”

Nelson would go on to tell me “You never know with Bo because he likes to play jokes, but honestly, something told me right away in his voice that this was for real."

BG: Congratulations, we are extremely happy for you and can’t wait to see your career take off
under the guidance of a World class promotional company such as Top Rank.

Nelson: Thanks BG, I would like to thank all you guys for believing in me, I literally left the gym when Bo called me with the news, and now I’m heading back there. Because when you get a call like that…. you want to prove that your worth it even more.

BG: What do you believe Top Rank saw in you and now officially decided to invest in you?

Nelson: I mean hopefully, they see how I carry myself, that I’m an entertainer, I can box or bang, I’m disciplined and determined.

BG: In 2018, why should people watch you live on ESPN?

Nelson: You never know what you are going to see, you may get Blade slicing you up, you may get Sub Zero icing you, you may get Apollo Creed dancing all over you or Hannibal Lecter stopping you to the liver. But one thing I can guarantee is … you can see them raise my hand time after time.

Kent Cruz 14-0 (9)

Kent Cruz 14-0 (9)

Kent “The Puerto Rican” Sensation 14-0 (9), of St Louis, MO, had a similar journey to where he
is at, but yet had plenty of empty promises and major road blocks along the way.
The super-lightweight former top amateur has always believed in his skills but through “positive thinking” stated “honestly, I became a father and a man at 19, bills started coming in by what seemed truck loads, car payments, house payments etc. It’s tough because you tell yourself be strong, keep grinding but yes of course you heard it all before.”

After several promotional and management issues were cleared, Cruz would meet Brian “BoMac” McIntyre and the pair hit it off right away. “I always believed in what he was saying then and now. I remember thinking, finally I’m in good hands.” BoMac would tell him time after time, “big things are coming, we are going to get you a couple tune-ups, get you ranked and get you in camp with us.”

When Cruz’s phone rang this afternoon, he expected more of the same from BoMac “I thought he was just checking on me, ready to talk about where we are at, what’s next, you know. When he calls it’s not just for chit-chat, it’s usually good business, so at the same time I was curious.” But when I heard the words “I got you signed.” I wise like “Oh dam, I got super excited. I’m like I’m not going to disappoint you or let you down, I’m going to quit my job and everything I’m all

BoMac was like “slow down laughing, relax, get your life together, were going to get everything lined up for camp first part of the year.Cruz would go on to add “But I doubt I sleep tonight, I’m ready to put this work in and make my city, family and team proud along the way.

BG: Congratulations, we are extremely happy for you. How do you feel about signing with Top Rank?

Cruz: They have a reputation of building champions. The right way too. Cotto was with them, Oscar, Floyd, you name them. I’m super blessed.

BG: ESPN/Top Rank contract will produce 18 shows alone in 2018, what can fight fans expect from you when you hit that big stage?

Cruz: I have fought on a large stage with PBC, but this is different because the team isn’t pieced together. These guys did great business back in the 80’s and now they are going to do it again. I simply can’t wait.

It is true that Christmas may have come early for Steve and Kent but look for some late knockout presents by both to show right up on your television sets in early 2018.

Happy holidays and remember…. never stop following your dreams.




CRUZ 1.jpg

Calls were made, emails were sent, heck even social media was put on blast, title reading “I need a 140lb fighter for Oct 21st.” Several replies and quick responses came pouring in, with even some saying, “when and where.” But this matchmaker, quickly found out once you reveal the name Kent Cruz….as the cliché goes, then you simply hear crickets.

Before signing the 5’10 former Amateur star, we knew the task would prove to be difficult but after 20 plus names turning down the fight, we started seeing what all the fuss was about. The positives are clear as day, he’s tall, rangy, good amateur background, and has the flashy record. However, Cruz and B&B both agree there is work needed to reach that next level and this is boxing, anything can happen nor any opponent should never be counted out. Young fighters need to be active and tested and we can’t wait for KC to head to camp with Team Crawford this winter. If you have watched Camp Life than you already know what I’m talking about. We know what others see and the hype that is building around this young man. But what does CEO of B&B Boxing Promotions, Brian “BoMac” McIntyre, along with his world-class trainers in Red Spikes and Esau Diegez see in Cruz?


Bomac stated “We see a charismatic and respectful young man like Cruz out there self-promoting, grinding in the gym, cutting weight and staying positive each time we see or talk to him. The word professional quickly comes to mind and that’s when you go that extra mile. B&B Boxing Promotions see something in this young man and on Saturday night we believe you will as well.”

This Saturday night, right where it all started, St Louis, MO, live inside the Omega Center, Kent “The Puerto Rican Sensation” Cruz 13-0 (8) will face Houston Texas’s Eric Manriquez in a scheduled 6 round Super lightweight bout promoted by Gateway Sports & Entertainment in association with B&B Boxing Promotions.

While Cruz and Manriquez are the featured Co-main event, several other St Louis fighters are featured including popular Lightweight fighter Leon Spinks III 11-3-1 (7), 1-0 Jr Middleweight Jermain McDonald, Jeremiah Millet making his pro debut at Welterweight, and finally the main event undefeated Super Welterweight Jarvis “The Jackal” Williams 8-0 (5).

A mere 48 hours away from facing the tough and aggressive Manriquez, I caught up with Cruz for a quick interview.

BG: You had quite the amateur career, including winning or finishing second or third in nearly almost all the notable championships, including Youth Nationals, National Golden Gloves, National championships, USA under 19 National Championship, USA National PAL Championship, and of course Ringside.

My question for you is, what experience did you gain and what now name fighters that you faced are now great professional fighters?

Cruz: Well my experience as an amateur was key to my success right now as a pro, being active and sharpening my craft was necessary to get where I’m at right now. To learn so many adverse styles gives me plenty of advantages inside the ring. I faced Gary Allan Russell and split with Eric DeLeon 1-1.

BG: Wow, DeLeon is now with Top Rank and is being positioned for a future title opportunity. How far off do you see your career from the likes of a DeLeon?

Cruz: I need to be active and get a couple 8 rounders, get some quality opposition you know, test myself and put my skills to work. In boxing, opportunity is one thing, but what you do with it may define you.

BG: You fight and train out of the Cherokee Boxing gym located in St Louis Missouri. One of the many top boxing gyms in the area. They say boxing is a dying sport, why do you believe that proves to be false, especially in St Louis?

Cruz: I mean, I like all types of combat and sports but boxing is simply for me. The history and heritage runs deep here in St Louis, so many past champions and success came right off these streets.

BG: With former greats like the entire Spinks family and former champion Devon Alexander, do you believe that the next generation can keep things going as well?

Cruz: The greats set the stage and provide the platform, they believed and so should we. They gave us hope because we now believe that these tough streets, these poverty-stricken areas can and will make champions. Guys like Keandre Gibson, Stephen Shaw, Joshua Temple, Derrick Murray and Jarvis Williams are uprising, just watch.

BG: Wow, lots of hidden talent. Let’s get back to talking about what you do best and that’s fight. Recently, I had a guy tell me, he only has 8 ko’s he must not hit hard. Do you believe that you have plenty of power to get to the next level and what do fighters most underestimate about you?

Cruz: Laughing- You are going to get haters it’s the world we live in. I have been in with some quality guys and you simply can’t knock everybody out nor should that be the only way you know how to win. I can do a little of both, I can use my stick and outbox you or bang you on the inside or outside. Most fighters that talk to me after the fight always say the same thing to me “man, I didn’t know you hit that hard.” So, I guess that speaks for itself lol

BG: Every fighter, has a signature or trademark punch. What is yours and how will you deal with someone that takes it away?

Cruz: Everybody loves my overhand right and although most of my big knockouts come from that I really believe in my left hook to the liver. Like I said, you can’t get by with a couple weapons, I continue to sharpen all my tools.

BG: I know that you are not a big trash talker, another credit to your maturity but what do you say to the comments made by another unnamed trainer “He fights with his hands down, that could be a problem down the line”

Cruz: Well some of the greats fought with their hands low, heck Mayweather went 50-0. I wouldn’t agree that they are low, boxing to me is about distance, range and setting traps. Have him call my team and let’s see if they can make me put them up, set it up BG lol

BG: Alright KC, let’s get you back to cutting that weight lol. Your opponent is a come straight forward no nonsense aggressive Mexican puncher, you have told me on numerous occasions you came up short in the amateurs because your style was fit for the pros. With him coming forward and you wanting to make a statement especially at home, what can we expect on fight night?

Cruz: Fans can expect fireworks. I hope he is as tough as they say and that he is in shape. I’m not one to just try to get some rounds in, there is no overtime, if I see or feel the knockout coming, I will go for it. My home town, my turf, my time, speaking of hands down, he better have his hands glued to his face…. cause I plan to take him out.




ST. LOUIS, MO 63120


$35/VIP $50


Septemberfest Announcement

Fresh off the biggest and most historic win of Omaha's Own Terence Crawford’s career just about everybody wants to lace up a pair of gloves and perhaps pretend to be the P4P great. We watched in awe as the champ dominated last Saturday night and gave all of us that itch to get in the ring. For all his stablemates that helped in training camp and pushed him along the way, the man nicknamed “Bud”, stated “September 3rd is going to be your night too”.

So, what is the champ referring to?

The champ is referring to next Sunday night’s mega professional and amateur boxing event promoted by B&B Boxing Promotions at Septemberfest. On September 3rd, 2017, a total of 12 boxing matches will take place at the CenturyLink Center SeptemberFest Lot D, located in Omaha, Nebraska. The community driven weekend event will provide music, entertainment, food and what we all crave…. boxing!


Brian “BoMac” McIntyre, whom is surely among trainer/manager of the year nomination yet again stated “If I get nominated great so be it, but were not about those individual and ego awards. We are a team and that’s what makes us unstoppable.  They better make a big ass award so that the names of Esau Diegez, and Red Spikes names can be on it too. We the three-headed monster. However, that was last week, we are right back in the gym, it’s the Next Generation and youngster’s time to shine. Guess what that means???? It’s time to go to work.”


Tickets to the event are priced very affordable at $20 which also includes entry to the Septemberfest. Tickets are being sold here

Scheduled to appear in action on September 3rd Fight Night:

Professional Boxers

Abel Soriano- Former amateur star, undefeated professional Mexican bantamweight

Guy Smith Jr- Former State Wrestling champion, and current Nebraska State Welterweight champion

Treven “Top-Flight” Coleman- undefeated lightweight knockout body punisher

Brian “B-Hue” Houston- Former UFC and VFC combat sports warrior

Christian Williams- Former Chicago amateur star, over 140 amateur wins, undefeated as a pro

Kent Cruz "Puerto Rican Sensation"- 12-0 super Lightweight Former amateur star with over 90+ wins Nationals


Amateur Boxers

B&B Boxing Academy coach James Henley

Alan Panduro
- 13-year-old 110 lb. 2017 Ringside Champion

Sir Tommy Sutton- 18 yr.--141lbs- open division

Brittany Parker- Women’s Sr. 2017 Ringside Champion

Jose Garibo- 14 yr.- 100lbs- open

Brandon Aguayo- 19-year-old 2017 132lb Ringside Champion

Isaac Aguayo- 13-year-old -2017 85lb Ringside Champion

Perre Sutton- 13 yr. - 90lbs -open division


At the Septemberfest Event there will also be a special Meet & Greet Opportunity with B&B Boxing Promotions & Omaha's Own Undeafeated Super Featherweight Mexican KO Artist KEVEN "BADASS" VENTURA! It will be a great opportunity for Pictures & Autographs. T-Shirts will be available as well. 


Doors Open At 6PM, Fights Start at 7PM. Get Your Tickets to B&B Boxing's Septemberfest Event Here

The Blue Man: Julius Indongo

This Saturday night at the Pinnacle Bank Arena, in Lincoln, NE, the first Super Lightweight unification bout since 2004 will take place live on ESPN at 9pm CT.

If you are a promoter it’s an easy decision to have the A side fighter in Terence “Bud” Crawford 31-0 (22) take center stage and go for all the belts. Crawford will more than likely bring out the A list celebrities both locally and nationally as well. Several Husker athletes from the Basketball and Football teams have already planned on sitting ringside. This is opening week for Lincoln Public Schools and for the University of Nebraska students. During fight night, as usual, expect a large and pro-Crawford crowd.  

The critics while just like the prime Roy Jones Jr and Floyd Mayweather will more than likely say “Crawford is good, but who has he fought”. That argument may be the case for casual fans as they may know little of the much taller, enormous reach, and confident undefeated former Olympian in Indongo. While true he has been under the spotlight with most his fights taking place in his home country of Namibia. Maybe just maybe, he was waiting for his time. That time came in late 2016 as Eduard Troyanovksky, the reigning IBF and IBO champion, made the wrong choice in mixing it up with the powerful Super Lightweight. Troyanovsky, was starched in the center of the ring with a beautiful sweeping haymaker from Indongo. The boxing world took notice but those same critics remained stern, “Could have been a lucky punch”. Meanwhile, Scotland’s two-time champion picked up the WBA belt and gambled by choosing the underrated Indongo for a unification bout. This time Burns chose to try and outbox the taller champion and again Indongo would prove to be the real deal by easily winning a lopsided unanimous decision over Burns. Burns would state after the fight “He was much better than I thought, his power is strong and his guard/defense with that reach will be a problem for anyone”.

What’s next? Indongo and his team are going for the ultimate prize a unification for “All the belts” against undefeated P4P Terence “Bud” Crawford 31-0 (22). Just like his previous championship quests he will travel to the champions back yard. We now have Crawford vs Indongo, this Saturday night, August 19th, 2017, live on ESPN 9pm CT, at the Pinnacle Bank Arena. This will be the second ESPN televised series by Bob Arum’s Top Rank.

When asked about Indongo, Crawford stated “he’s big, well-conditioned, confident and best of all he’s hungry. But, the problem is so am I. This is my legacy and I must simply outwork him, train harder than him and be better than him.”

At the end of the day, the public may not know who or what Indongo is about, all that matter is that Terence himself does and that fight fans have lit a fire inside the champion.

We will more than likely know the name Julius “The Blue Man” Indongo after August 19th. He promises to bring “A warrior spirit with him and fight hard to become the best”. He watched ringside when Crawford dismantled Diaz in New York and guess what he still wanted the fight.

My belief is once the smoke clears, you are going to see a good fighter in Indongo……but you more than likely will see a GREAT fighter in Crawford on fight night. We know there are levels to this game and something tells me that the Omaha native will raise the bar once again. But to be sure, just like Terence said “We are going to find out how good he is or isn’t once that bell rings.”

So, true, champ and I simply can’t wait.

See you ringside,